About the Author

Hey pageant enthusiasts! Welcome to The Kaleidoscope of Indian Pageantry! I am Vagisha Mishra, an avid reader, writer and poet. I have completed my graduation and post graduation in English Literature from University of Delhi.


So how did I get an idea of initiating the forum? It all began with the urge to support India at international pageants. Whenever I came across any pageant news, saying that India was on the height of glory in 90’s, I felt deprived. You must be thinking why deprived? This sense of deprivation lies underneath the potential which India had, but could not burst it out due to less interest or promotion, may be. It never seemed to me before, that managing this portal alone will entertain and motivate so many people. But the efforts get paid off when I see people indulging in pageants with an utmost staunch and genuine patriotic fervour.

I always had a sense of patriotism towards pageants. I saw it as a kind of sport, an art which India must be proud of. The urge of spreading awareness and updates for pageants increased even more when I saw people pertaining a quite negligent attitude towards pageant withholding the air of “I DON’T CARE!”.I started feeling this needs to be changed. In a country like India, where you have five Miss World, two Miss Universe and one Miss Earth, its really sad to see people not paying any heed to changes required in the current Indian pageant scenario.

I feel my blog, my articles and my efforts to keep this platform active through my words will come successful only when I will see Indians supporting pageants as they do in case of sports. I want to see a day when people will be waiting eagerly for Miss World and Miss Universe to support India. I want to see a day when people will admire Miss India more than Bollywood heroines. I want to see a day when girls will be joining pageants to actually represent India rather than choosing it as a stepping stone to Bollywood or bigger modelling projects. I want to see a revolution, and I have chosen this page as a platform to make that revolution possible.

I am doing my part, you shall do yours! Engage as many people as you can to pageantry and tell them, “Hey look! India is so proud to have gems like them, they work 24*7 to bestow pride on India, can’t you do your bit to support them?” Its up to us, how much bigger part we can play in society, lets begin by our least contribution, at least it would be better than doing nothing at all!

A heartfelt thanks to all those who compliment and encourage me to come up with more articles everyday. It would not have been possible without you all! Working in a team is easier but to work alone to develop a concept single handedly takes a lot of effort and it gets all paid off when I get the support all around. Thank you and much love. I’ll conclude by saying it yet again, India please be ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE.

Vagisha Mishra


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