VOTE NOW: Who Will Win Miss Teen USA 2020?

Miss Teen USA 2020: People’s Choice Poll

Miss Teen USA 2020 will be the 38th edition of Miss Teen USA pageant, which is scheduled to take place during the spring of 2020 at the venue still not disclosed. During the conclusion of Miss Teen USA 2020, Kaliegh Garris of Connecticut will pass on her crown to her successor. The competition will mark the first year that a new crown made by luxury jeweler Mouawad will be used at Miss Teen USA pageant.

South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia have won Miss Teen USA pageant thrice and maximum number of times as compared to other states competing for the Miss Teen USA pageant.

As the grand finale is few weeks far, let’s play a game where you will act as a judge! During the final hotpicks of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, the contestant who will receive the highest votes in this poll will be given a People’s Choice Winner place, considering she has won people’s hearts through her enchanting personality. So what are you waiting for just hit the voting button before your favourite contestant and glasscase them before the world as the front-runner of the enticing game of crown! So let’s find out who is ruling the hearts of the pageant aficionados.

The poll will close a midnight prior to the grand finale of Miss Teen USA 2020.

Meet Miss Teen USA 2020 Contestant HERE!!!

Also Meet Miss USA 2020 Contestants RIGHT HERE!!!

Vote For Your Favorite Miss USA 2020 Contestant RIGHT HERE!

16 thoughts on “VOTE NOW: Who Will Win Miss Teen USA 2020?

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  3. Hello there. I am John. I have been watching Miss Teen USA and Miss USA competitions since I was about 2 years old. I am now 17 so I have been watching a long time. I have to say that this year has hands down been my favorite year of contestants. I think each and everyone of the contestants is absolutely wonderful, especially their personalities!! I had a hard time voting here, but I finally cast my vote!!!


  4. Livingston La Sydney Taylor is a young woman who has a good head on her shoulders she has her priorities straight. Goal focused as well as. Loving and compassionate young woman who gives generously of her time and I believe she will represent this country well as the next Miss Teen USA. Just as well as she represents the state of Lousiana


  5. Sydney Taylor, Miss Louisiana Teen USA, is a very compassionate, goal oriented young lady, who will represent the United States in every capacity that is expected of her. Best of luck to you, Sydney. Louisiana is cheering for you


  6. There are tons of people who support Sydney Taylor, but for some reason my computer only shows her at one vote. Did voting get removed or something, because it says that voting isn’t closed until midnight before the final contest.


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