Miss Universe 2019- Final Predictions and Concluding Review!

Miss Universe 2019- Final Hotpicks

And finally that time of the year is here! The most anticipated, loved and cherished pageants of all, the Miss Universe pageant is finally on the verge of culmination. Last night we saw all the ninety candidates strut the runway in the swimsuit and evening gown, which further sealed their fate of making a cut to the finals. After observing the candidates in the Preliminary Competition and in erstwhile videos and pictures, I am here with my final predictions on the Miss Universe 2019 competition, so without much ado let us begin!

Top 5 Finalists

1. Brazil- Júlia Horta

Looking at the current batch I feel the entire batch overall is not exceptionally great unlike previous few years, given that if someone really stands out in the crowd and has a chance to take home the Miss Universe crown, it should be none other than Brazil. Brazil has a charming face and a very fresh personality, I love how she smiles and gazes while walking the stage. Brazil gave one of the most brilliant swimsuit performances during the prelims and when I hear her talking back stage, she comes across as a highly spontaneous and full of life lady, which makes me think she fits the bill of being the next Miss Universe!

2. France- Maëva Coucke

If there is a right pageant for Maëva it has to be Miss Universe pageant! We all saw her perform during Miss World 2018 but it is Miss Universe 2019 competition that is bringing out the best in her. I loved the way she projected herself during the preliminary competition. Despite of the horrific fall in the swimsuit round, she managed to walk the stage with oomph, confidence and style. I do not completely see her sweeping the crown right now, but if she does, I would not mind her victory at all.

3. Puerto Rico-  Madison Anderson

Now Puerto Rico here in Top 5 is not a surprise for anyone! She has been delivering her best right since the pageant kicked off. From her walk to talk, she is completely pageant ready. I really appreciate her preliminary performances in both the swimsuit and evening gown rounds. Given the weightage which the sash of Puerto Rico carries at the Miss Universe pageant, she may really secure her place at the top notch.

4. Indonesia- Frederika Alexis Cull

Looking at Indonesia perform in the prelims, I was thinking that this nation has come a long way in the pageant scenario. Frederika Alexis Cull is probably one of my personal favourite delegates Indonesia has ever sent to the Miss Universe pageant. From her fierce expressions to smooth runway skills, she has got it all. I am expecting her to seal her spot in Top 5 tonight.

5. Colombia- Gabriela Tafur

Colombia smashing in Top 5 finals of Miss Universe has been no surprise since last few years. After sending amazing candidates to the said pageant year after year this year as well Colombia has maintained its benchmark. Gabriela Tafur is perfect when it comes to stage presence, giving her fellow candidates a run for money.

Top 10 Finalists

6. South Africa- Zozibini Tunzi

Carrying an unusual look with panache, Zozibini Tunzi is one of the smartest and most confident delegates in the batch. I love how she reflects her personality with flair.

7. USA- Cheslie Kryst

Oozing flamboyance through her fitness, Cheslie Kryst surely carries more weight in her personality than her sash offers her. While she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I find her stage presence to be commendable.

8. Philippines- Gazini Ganados

A very smart choice by Philippines after last year victory at Miss Universe! While the candidate representing the nation of reigning Miss Universe undergoes a lot of pressure, what I really appreciate in Gazini is her spontaneity and fierceness. She seems to be calm, poised and focused.

9. India- Vartika Singh

India’s long drought at Miss Universe pageant should come to an end if such a praiseworthy candidate like Vartika is holding their sash. I love how she speaks from heart and the way she carries herself in interviews. Her overall personality has been captivating for many and I feel she deserves to be credited for her laudable performance.

10. Thailand-  Paweensuda Drouin

While she has been people’s favourite before the pageant begin, but later we saw many girls who were performing better than what was expected from them. Thailand surely has a huge fan base for her advantage but when we come to her performance it does not manage to convince that she can sweep off the most precious crown in the pageant history. Although she looks good on stage and has a decent presence, yet she lacks a charm of being a Miss Universe winner.

Top 20 Semi-Finalists

11. Tanzania- Shubila Stanton

One of the most beautiful surprises of the prelims, I love the way she gracefully carried herself, holding her poise and composure.

12. Denmark- Katja Stokholm

While many might have failed to notice her, Denmark surely exhibits the confidence needed to shine at Miss Universe stage. In my opinion she has to place for sure!

13. Kenya- Stacy Michuki

Ask me who had the most natural and convincing smile in the prelims and I would name Kenya! Loved her stage presence!

14. Albania- Cindy Marina

A very decent delegate for a pageant like Miss Universe! She has got a good body and strikes attention when she struts the runway.

15. Iceland- Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir

Slay them with kindness! Yes, that was the quote which crossed my mind while watching her performance! Completely admire her vibrant yet fierce performance, she certainly deserves a place in semi-finals.

16. Mexcio- Sofía Aragón

Mexico never fails to impress! Fierce and effervescent, she deserves a spotlight!

17. Vietnam- Hoàng Thùy

One girl I really admired in the pageant for her natural beauty and grace is Vietnam. She gave a decent preliminary performance. Would love to see her in finals!

18. Dominican Republic- Clauvid Dály

When the pageant begun I really was having an eye on her! Although she did give a fair performance yet she lacked energy enough to gain limelight!

19. Peru- Kelin Rivera

Great body and lovely stage presence! Watch out for her as she may give us some pleasant surprise in the finals!

20. Ecuador- Cristina Hidalgo

A charming woman with divine stage presence!

So these were my favourites for Miss Universe 2019 competition. Who are you rooting for? Let me know in the comment section below!

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