Miss International 2019- Final Predictions

Miss International 2019- Final Hotpicks

Within 24 hours we will have a new Miss International! While Miss International Organization is renowned to crown elegant, wise and charming women as queens where the ladies are not merely seen as the candidates but rather spokespersons of the organization, we are here with our favourite candidates for Miss International 2019 title.

1. Mexico- Andrea Toscano

2. Uganda- Evelyn Namatovu Karonde

3. Colombia- Alejandra Vengoechea

4. Indonesia- Jolene Marie Cholock-Rotinsulu

5. Czech Republic- Andrea Prchalová

6. Philippines- Bea Patricia Magtanong

7. Venezuela- Melissa Jiménez

8. Japan- Tomomi Okada Sevaldsen

9. Belarus- Maria Perviy

10. Belgium- Rachel Nimegeers

11. Puerto Rico- Ivana Carolina Irizarry

12. United Kingdom- Harriotte Lane

13. Canada- Megha Sandhu

14. Brazil- Carolina Stankevicius Cruz

15. India- Simrithi Haresh Bathija

As we have seen many pageant crossover queens come, slay and walk off with the crown, I believe this is the moment where Mexico can claim this huge victory. Further, if Miss International Organization is thinking to write a new history, they may step ahead and crown an African delegate which should be none other than Uganda. In addition, Colombia’s strong presence in the competition cannot be ignored and she can make it big in tomorrow’s competition. Watching Indonesia’s strong game in pageantry since last few years, it would not be a surprise if we see the nation entering in Top 5 again. Czech Republic has a beautiful face and owns an elegant demeanour which is much appreciated by the Miss International Organization.

Who do you think will walk home with the crown of Miss International 2019? Tell us in the comments.

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