Miss Earth 2019- Final Hotpicks and Concluding Review!

Miss Earth 2019- Final Predictions For The Crown!

Miss Earth 2019 will be the 19th edition of the Miss Earth pageant which is scheduled to take place tomorrow evening, that is, on October 26th, 2019 at Cove Manila, Okada Manila in Parañaque City, Philippines. Nguyễn Phương Khánh of Vietnam will crown her successor as the new Miss Earth at the end of the event. While this much anticipated countdown has already begun, like every year I am here to present my final choices for the crown after analyzing all the aspects. So here we go!

On the first position is none other than the charming, beautiful and eloquent Tejaswini Manogna from India. If the competition is assessed from the neutral stance, I believe Tejaswini has everything to win the Miss Earth crown. If she is crowned as the next Miss Earth, her eloquence will not only promote the Miss Earth advocacy in a positive light but will also have an everlasting impact on people following Miss Earth as she stands as the epitome of a strong new age woman. Having so many accolades in her kitty, I would say sky is the limit for this fine woman. If she wins tomorrow, well, no surprises, but if she doesn’t then I would say India might have another strong representative to Miss Universe if she plans to come back!

On number two is Nellys Pimentel from Puerto Rico. Just like India, what I really admire in Nellys is her consistency in the competition. While some front runners just enjoy the talk and attention they have been giving, others believe in constantly enhancing and presenting a better version of themselves before the audience, and Nellys falls in the latter category! She can be a rightful owner of the crown, and if not, she certainly deserves a runner up position.

Following her at number three is Diana Shabas from Ukraine. Diana made a terrific entry to the competition during the Form and Figure Competition and since then there has been no looking back for her! After her placement in semi-finals, I guess there shall be no more hurdles in her way to make her space in the final four if she plays her cards well as she always does! She has a commendable stage presence and her impressive body language just makes it difficult for anyone to ignore her.

Next we have, Evelyn Appiah from Ghana. While she has been crowd’s favourite and has justly proved so by even acing all the pre-pageant competitions and even bagging several gold medals in them, I believe when it comes to eloquence we have some really tough competitors in the game who can give her a neck to neck fight. However, having said that, an African victory at Miss Earth has been long overdue, so who knows if this is her time!

Following closely the Top 4 is Emanii Davis from the United States of America. While she has a strong sash to bear at the competition and was even people’s favourite when the competition began, her momentum seems to have slowed down a bit as many dark horses have took over the game, but still you mustn’t believe that the lioness has fallen asleep. Don’t be surprised if she is called in the Top 4 tomorrow.

Next we have the utterly gorgeous, Alisa Manenok from Belarus. She comes across as a living doll. She has played her cards really well till this point of time and I expect the same from her in the finale as well.

Sonia Hernandez from Spain and Klara Vavruskova from Czech Republic sum up my Top 8 list. Both these ladies came fiercely into the competition quite late, especially when their wit was brought into spotlight, but it’s always better to be late than never, so expect pleasant surprises from both of them in the finale.

Concluding my Top 16 semi-finalists lists are Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Australia and England. All of these representatives have shown their fascinating aura in all the pre-pageant activities throughout the competition. Apart from that their intellect, body language and persona reflect that they are worthy of securing their spots in the semi-finals.

Other possible stand outs from the very tough batch would be Mexico, Korea, Vietnam and New Zealand, who have the calibre to penetrate into semi-finals.

Who are you rooting for to wear the Miss Earth crown? Let me know in the comment section below, until next post, see you soon! 🙂

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