Miss Earth 2019- First Impressions and Initial Stand Outs!

Miss Earth 2019- First Hotpicks Post Arrival

Miss Earth 2019 kicked off with every bit of vigour and enthusiasm last week and the batch seems out to be a really fascinating one! With the delegates being divided into three different groups namely Water, Air and Fire, the pre-pageant activities and competitions are still ongoing, we have our first impressions right here after witnessing the Press Presentation of Miss Earth 2019 delegates. So what are we waiting for! Let’s begin!

Potential Winners

India- Tejaswini Manogna

India- Tejaswini Manogna

I am in awe with this beauty! With one of the most remarkable credentials among other contestants, Tejaswini confidently stood out in the press presentation with her assertive demeanour and sweet yet convinced voice. Not only she gives a breeze of vivaciousness but also gives a hint of India’s strong comeback at Miss Earth pageant. Being a doctor, Bharatanatyam dancer, Carnatic vocalist, yoga practitioner, sports person, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and a medal-winning NCC cadet, she has also conducted many environmental awareness programme back in her nation. Don’t be surprised if she goes ahead and clinch the elemental crown or even the Miss Earth crown!

United States of America- Emanii Davis

United States- Emanii Davis

Just like Miss India Earth, Tejaswini, Emanii Davis has also been a pageant veteran in few of the leading national pageants of USA, which explains the eloquence she reflects at the Miss Earth pageant. Having a strong and powerful advocacy like developing the greenhouse from all the recycled materials, Emanii has also actively promoted environmental awareness programme in elementary schools in the United States. She oozes confidence and appears to be highly resolute.

Purerto Rico- Nellys Pimentel

Puerto Rico- Nellys Pimentel

Apart from India and USA, Puerto Rico seemed to be one of the striking stand outs in the Press Presentation. I loved the way she precisely and concisely expressed about herself without speaking too much. She is certainly a force to reckon with at this moment. Assertive, graceful and eye-catching, she is bound to foray ahead.

Ghana-  Abena Appiah

Ghana- Abena Appiah

She was certainly one of the most loved and cheered delegates at the Press Presentation for obvious reasons! Apart from being a pageant veteran like many of her fellow contestants, she is also a renowned singer back in her country. Abena has already represented Ghana at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant and in addition holds the experience of representing the state of New York at the America’s Miss World 2017. Lately, she has also been awarded with the gold medal in the Resort Wear Competition from the Air Group at Miss Earth 2019, she has certainly built the momentum.

Stand Outs From The Press Presentation

Many delegates turned out to be pleasant surprise during the Press Presentation, while some much acclaimed candidates lacked spark at the same, so without further ado, let’s talk about them!


I completely loved the way Ghana has emerged from this continental group at the pageant. She has been the talk of the town for a while now, and closely following her is none other than Nazia Wadee from South Africa. Besides being spontaneous, Nazia is also eloquent and comes across as highly intellectual and fresh candidate. I also liked Kenya and South Sudan from the African continent.


While USA and Puerto Rico seem to be leading the sash of American continent at the pageant, Mexico, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela also seem to be doing well. If I were to choose a winner from this group, my vote would go certainly to USA.

Asia and Oceania

If I were to trust my instincts, I believe the winner of Miss Earth 2019 might come from this region.  There are many lovely candidates from this continental group, one of them being Susana Downes from Australia, this half Filipina beauty speaks straight from her heart. Further, I also love Woo Hee-jun from Korea, who believes in taking care of earth just like one would take care of his body.  She holds many accolades.  I also like the host delegate, Janelle Tee from the Philippines, who also seems very well prepared for this nerve wrecking competition.


When compared to other continental groups, Europe seems to be the weakest. However, we have a very promising candidate from this group, who could also emerge as the front runner for the crown if she plays her cards well. She is none other than Alisa Manenok from Belarus. While she has already represented her nation at Miss International 2016 pageant wherein she emerged as the Top 15 finalist and has also won the World Beauty Queen 2018 pageant, she seems to be much more prepared than her former stint at pageants. Besides Alisa, my eyes are fixed on Stephanie Wyatt from England, who is an environmental lawyer, her eloquence is way too good to be applauded. Some other stand outs from the European continent would be Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine and Croatia.

So this sums up my first impression about Miss Earth 2019 batch! Tell me your favourites in the link below by voting for your most loved candidate for the title of Miss Earth 2019, until then keep watching this space for more updates and exciting reviews!

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