Miss Universe 2018: 10 Best Swimsuit Round Performances!

Miss Universe 2018: Top 10 Swimsuit Round Performances!

We are only twenty hours away from Miss Universe 2018 grand finale, and we could not control our enthrallment after seeing Thailand hosting the most glamorous pageant so well. After a spectacular preliminary competition, like every year we are here with our reviews, beginning with the best in swimsuit review. While some favourites faded for us in the prelims, other dark horses took the front, so without any further delay, let’s begin with our picks for best in swimsuit competition.

1. Canada- Marta Stepien


Right since she was crowned, Marta Stepien was considered to be a great competitor for a venerable pageant like Miss Universe. If we were to award a title of ‘Best Body’ in the Miss Universe pageant, Marta would have won that straight away without any qualms. What I really appreciate in Miss Canada is her spontaneity, she did not overdo her performance like many others and stuck to her natural aura. I surely see her performing great in the finals.

2. Philippines- Catriona Gray


Wow! That was my first reaction when I saw Catriona gliding the runway in pink swimsuit. She deserves all the limelight and attention she has been getting even before she won her national title. The smile, the fierce expressions, the runway skills, all speak loud of her winner quality. Completely mesmerized!

3. Vietnam- H’Hen Nie


How I love this woman! Yellow is her colour. I totally am a fan of her fierce expressions, confident body language and the kind of attention she demands while slaying the runway. If all goes fair, no one can stop her from reaching Top 5 in the finals. Thumbs up from my side!

4. India- Nehal Chudasama


Who says India is not a threat? Nehal Chudasama has done her homework very well for the pageant she has been aspiring since her childhood. Her passion reflects in her eyes as she slays the runway. The ferocious gaze she gives to camera would make million heads turn. She is strong in the competition and is here to make it big! Watch out for her.

5. Mexico- Andrea Toscano


The face, the aura, the body gesture all shouts loud for the spotlight. She performed really well in the prelims and could do great in the finals.

6. Puerto Rico- Kiara Ortega


There is something in her eyes which as an audience you can’t resist. More than her walk, her expressions did all the talking, and this I believe is her strongest tool in the competition.

7. Colombia- Valeria Morales


What I really loved about Colombia was her natural charm which she showed without overdoing things. Like a serene breeze, she glided effortlessly on the runway. Her smile just accentuated the beauty of her performance.

8. Ecuador- Virginia Limongi


Her lean and tall corporeal frame made sure to glue all eyes to the runway when she walked on it. Virginia appeared to be very sexy and enchanting as she performed in the swimsuit round.

9. U.S Virgin Islands- Aniska Tonge


Beautiful walk! Aniska turned out to be a pleasant surprise with her charming smile and refined walk. She was effortlessly stunning!

10. Jamaica- Emily Maddison


You can never expect any less than Jamaica! Emily was mind blowing in her walk and composure.

Honorable Mentions

Other than the mentioned beauties, I really admired the swimsuit performance of Belgium, El Salvador, France and Nigeria. Panama and Peru also came quite close to laudable performances. Coming to South Africa, her lack of energy disappointed me, same goes with USA. Spain was also brilliant in the swimsuit competition.

So these were my picks for Best in Swimsuit Preliminary Competition, I will meet you soon with next review on Best in Evening Gown Preliminary Competition. Stay tuned, folks! 🙂

Meanwhile have a look at the swimsuit pictures of all the contestants right here!

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