Miss Universe 2018: 10 Best Evening Gown Round Performances!

Miss Universe 2018: Top 10 Evening Gown Round Performances!

We are only few hours away from Miss Universe 2018! Before we conclude our reviews on Miss Universe 2018 with the final predictions, we are here to present our best picks for evening gown performances during the Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2018. So let’s get started!

1. Philippines- Catriona Gray


AMAZING! This was my first reaction on seeing Catriona glide on the runway with ease during the evening gown round of preliminary competition. Miss Philippines was impeccably strong during this segment and her smile, twirls and turns all screamed loud the quality of a winner! In my opinion, she was the best in this segment without a second doubt and her gorgeous gown just added magnificence to her already glittering personality.

2. India- Nehal Chudasama



If you did not notice her until now, I wonder when you will! Nehal was bejewelled in a beautiful gown by Swapnil Shinde, which dazzled her finely carved corporeal frame. What I really loved about Nehal’s performance was her gracious aura, wherein she made the audience gasp in awe without exaggerating her pasarela.

3. Puerto Rico- Kiara Ortega


Puerto Rico

Such a stunner she is! Her fierce expressions are incredibly brilliant and would make anyone her fan. The way she ended her pasarela during the evening gown round was superb!

4. Vietnam- H’Hen Nie



When you don’t get a flaw to point out, people call her not ‘womanly enough’ or ‘boyish’. Vietnam brilliantly executed her evening gown during the said segment and proved that yellow is her colour matching to her vivacious personality.

5. Mexico- Andrea Toscano



Andrea comes across as a vivacious doll! Her million dollar facial beauty is something which shall make anyone’s heart skip a beat. During the preliminary evening gown competition, she affirmed that she is much more than her facial beauty and is here to give her fellow contestants a nerve wrecking competition.

Furthermore, Canada, Curacao, Jamaica, Peru and El Salvador proved out to be very strong in the evening gown preliminary competition.

So these were my picks for the best in evening gown round of the preliminary competition. Who were your favourites during the said segment, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned as we bring you final predictions for Miss Universe 2018 in few minutes from now! 🙂

Meanwhile, have a look at the pictures from the evening gown preliminary competition right here!

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