Nepal’s Shrinkhala Khatiwada Wins Beauty with a Purpose Challenge at Miss World 2018!

Shrinkhala Khatiwada From Nepal Is Beauty With A Purpose Winner at Miss World 2018!

Nepal makes its space in the Top 30 of Miss World 2018 finals by bagging not just one but two significant Fastrack Challenges. Considered to be the most essential segment of the Miss World pageant which carries maximum marks in the judgement of Miss World contestants, Nepal’s Shrinkhala Khatiwada created a powerful impact with her Beauty with a Purpose project which revolves around designing and building health care centres around the remote areas.

nepal miss world 2018 bwap winner

The selection process for Beauty With A Purpose was held at the Moulin Rouge Theatre at the Mangrove Tree Resort World in Sanya, China on December 3, 2018. During the same event, Mexico, Vietnam, New Zealand and Indonesia summed up the Top 5 spot. The other top place earners were Chile, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Panama and Trinidad & Tobago.

Following contestants were chosen as the Top 25 finalists of Beauty with a Purpose challenge-

  1. Barbados — Amputations due to diabetes
  2. Brazil — Depression & Suicide
  3. Chile — Social Integration program
  4. China PR — Education
  5. Cook Islands — Mental Health Awareness
  6. Guyana — Childhood trauma
  7. Indonesia — Village – water, sanitation & agriculture
  8. Italy — Giving love and helping disadvantaged
  9. Jamaica — Promoting healthy lifestyle
  10. Japan — Syphilis
  11. Kenya — HIV, widow cleansing
  12. Lebanon — SOS Children’s Home, was an orphan herself
  13. Malaysia — Program to install computers in schools
  14. Mexico — Indigenous people & poverty
  15. Mongolia — TB
  16. Myanmar — Education is important, renovated a school
  17. Nepal — Designs & builds health centre for remote village
  18. New Zealand — Sexual abuse in children
  19. Panama – Albinism
  20. Russia — Working with orphans, was an orphan herself
  21. Rwanda – Malnutrition
  22. Scotland — Suicide Awareness
  23. Singapore — Raise awareness for underprivileged and elderly people that do not receive medical care
  24. Trinidad & Tobago — Education – new school
  25. Vietnam — Provides water for remote village

With this win Nepal has certainly garnered a major spotlight for the Miss World 2018 competition, which is all set to culminate this weekend. Stay tuned to our space as we bring you more updates on the ongoing pageant season!


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