VOTE NOW! Who Should Win Miss World 2018?

Miss World 2018: Vote For Your Favorite!

Miss World 2018 will be the 68th edition of the Miss World pageant which is slated to take place in Sanya, China on December 8, 2018. During the conclusion of the pageant, Manushi Chhillar of India will crown her successor as the next Miss World.

manushi chhillar from india is miss world 2017

With the grand finale of Miss World driving nearby, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry invites all its readers to showcase their opinion as to who deserves to win Miss World 2018 pageant in the coming days. Cast your vote for your favorite as the voting lines remain open till the midnight of December 8, 2018. We shall be dedicating a special editorial for the winner of this poll. So what are you waiting for hurry up and begin the fun!


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2,747 thoughts on “VOTE NOW! Who Should Win Miss World 2018?

  1. Quin Abenakyo has a wonderful project that takes into consideration the life of a mother. And if all of us were born of mothers and real cherish our mothers, we need to support Abenakyoz dream by voting her more and more so that with her crown as miss Universe she can save more mothers in similar situations world wide.
    Go Quin Abenakyo Go Uganda Go save young mother


  2. Quiin Abenakyo
    She has agood project she going work on and I believe this project will bring change and give hope to the girls in Uganda


  3. Miss Tanzania must win she is so bright, attractive, confident girl a beauty with a brain must win this contents and take a crown of Miss World


  4. Miss Tanzania have a well Logical Project it will be very impact fully to the world and society it will inspire girls she is GENIUS and CREATIVE


  5. I love your project which helps young girls who become pregnant to go back to school. It is the best opportunity such a girl can receive because the fact of pregnancy puts her at a disadvantage, is rejected by the family and clan and her only opportunity is going back to school. If she does not go back to school she will end up with up to 10 children from different men who will end up as child mothers too. This is not good for our country or economy. So go for it. It is a great cause. I support you fully.


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