Mariem Velazco From Venezuela Crowned Miss International 2018

Mariem Velazco From Venezuela Crowned Miss International 2018

Mariem Velazco from Venezuela was crowned as Miss International 2018 on November 9, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan during the 58th edition of the pageant, becoming the eighth Venezuelan beauty to claim the Miss International crown. She succeeds Kevin Lilliana of Indonesia as the new Miss International, defeating 76 other countries to win the coveted title.

Mariem Velazco’s victory on her 20th birthday eve gave Venezuela its 8th Miss International crown, the most number of crowns titles won by a single country in the entire history of the Miss International pageant. Interestingly, Mariem Velazco won her national title as well on her birthday eve last year.



The newly crowned Miss International 2018 will be representing the International Cultural Association for one year in furthering the causes of promoting friendship, cultural understanding and peace. During her reign, she will also be promoting the ICA Green Campaign, Purple Ribbon causes to stop violence against women, as well as various promotional campaigns in Japan and around the world.

During the same pageant, people’s favorite, Maria Ahtisa Manalo of Philippines emerged as the first runner up and Reabetswe Sechoaroof South Africa finished as the second runner up. Meanwhile, Bianca Tirsin of Romania and Anabella Castro Sierra of Colombia settled down for third and fourth runners up titles respectively.


Complete Results

Miss International 2018- Venezuela – Mariem Velazco
1st Runner-up- Philippines – Maria Ahtisa Manalo
2nd Runner-up- South Africa – Reabetswe Sechoaro
3rd Runner-up- Romania – Bianca Tirsin
4th Runner-up- Colombia – Anabella Castro Sierra

Top 8 Finalists:

Ecuador – Michelle Huet
Japan – Hinano Sugimoto
Spain – Susana Sanchez

Top 15 Semi-Finalists:

Australia – Emily Tokić
Indonesia – Vania Herlambang
Madagascar – Esmeralda Malleka
Mexico – Nebai Torres
Paraguay – Daisy Lezcano
Thailand – Keeratiga Jaruratjamon
Ukraine – Bohdana Tarasyk

Continental Queens:

Miss International Africa- South Africa – Reabetswe Sechoaro
Miss International America- Argentina – Rocio Magali Pérez
Miss International Asia- Singapore – Eileen Feng
Miss International Europe- Netherlands – Zoë Amber Niewold
Miss International Oceania- Guam – Diliana Tuncap

Special Awards:

Best National Costume- Ecuador – Michelle Huet
Miss Best Dresser- Mexico – Nebai Torres
Miss Perfect Body- Curaçao – Diona Angela
Miss Popularity – Missosology Choice Awards- Philippines – Maria Ahtisa Manalo
Miss Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador- China – Wang Chaoyuan

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