Miss Grand International 2018: Top 10 Swimsuit Performances!

Miss Grand International 2018: Best Swimsuit Performances!

Miss Grand International 2018 will be the 6th edition of the Miss Grand International pageant which is slated to take place on October 25, 2018 in Myanmar. During the conclusion of the pageant, Maria Jose Lora from Peru will crown her successor as new Miss Grand International.

The most awaited segment of Miss Grand International pageant, the Swimsuit Competition took place this weekend. While we are only few days away from the preliminary competition, this star studded segment gave us an early inkling as to who is going to shine bright in the days to come. So without any further ado, let us have a look at some of our favourite performances and highlights of the event! (In alphabetical order)

Australia- Kimberly Gundani


I had my eyes on Australia right since the beginning and she proved her worth in Best in Swimsuit Competition. I would not be surprised at all to see Australia shining spectacularly at the finale if she continues to perform the same. The way she channelized her energy in her classy turn and sassy walk, I believe she is all set to give other contestants a run for money!

Brazil- Gabrielle Vilela


What a beautiful face does Brazil possess! I am awestruck with her smooth and graceful walk, she is all set to gain all the limelight in the prelims. Watch out for this lady!

Dominican Republic- Clara Mayté Brito Medina

Dominican Republic

I will call this performance the best of all in this edition of the pageant! Dominican Republic owned the runway right since she began her walk. Those confident body gestures and refined twirls and turns assert that she is a game changer and is going to bring many pleasant surprises.

India- Meenakshi Chaudhary


While some contestants went out of board to showcase their ferocity, India kept it simple yet elegant with her not so dramatic poses! Her soothing smile added to her charming personality and highlighted her quintessential grace. She is one of the contestants who glide flawlessly on the ramp.

Japan- Haruka Oda


She is one of those contestants for whose performance you would simply love to sit back and enjoy! With her graceful and regal smile she owned the audience as she strikes the fierce poses! She is a beautiful combination of elegance and fierceness.

Mexico- Lezly Viridiana Díaz Pérez


Mexico is one of my favourite contestants for the title even before the arrivals and she made my assertion even stronger after her performance in this segment! She is incredibly confident and fierce. The way she walks, shows that she is here to win it all and is not ready to settle down for any less. What a walk!

Paraguay- Clara Sosa


Another sentimental favourite of crown, I loved Paraguay’s performance! She screams perfection as she strikes poses, with such refined perfection in walk and perfect beach body, Paraguay slayed the runway with the oomph in her body language.

Philippines- Eva Psychee Soroño Patalinjug


Philippines never fails to impress! She is confident and her body language appears to be elegant and graceful.

Thailand- Moss Namoey Chanaphan


What a beautiful lady! The way she swirls her waist would make anyone a fan of her pasarela. She owns an angelic smile and her overall demeanour is incredibly appealing!

USA- Paola Cossyleon


For me, USA was not at all a surprise! I had my eyes on her right since the beginning and oh she made me her fan all over again! What a brilliant walk! I completely adored the styling. Her fierce eyes affirmed that she says everything with her eyes, I loved the smizing girl and I am anticipating another quality performance from her in the prelims.

So these were TKOP favourites in the Best in Swimsuit segment. Countries like Belgium, Ethiopia, Peru and Costa Rica also gave good performances, while Bulgaria, Cook Islands, Mongolia and Cape Verde could not shine much! Tell us your favourites in the comment section below, and we shall be back with our reviews after the Preliminary Competition, so stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “Miss Grand International 2018: Top 10 Swimsuit Performances!

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  2. Cook Islands did perform better then Australia hahahaha im sensing biased opinion from the author I believe your scrutinising nations like cook Islands to whom has the best body why r u hating on her it’s most likely your afraid she could place


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