Miss Grand International 2018: The Best and Worst Evening Gowns at Welcome Event!

The Gowns That Failed and Impressed at Miss Grand International 2018

Miss Grand International 2018 will be the 6th edition of the Miss Grand International pageant which is slated to take place on October 25, 2018 in Myanmar. During the conclusion of the pageant, Maria Jose Lora from Peru will crown her successor as new Miss Grand International.

While the pageant season has just begun with Miss Grand International being the first rising star among all, like every year, we begin with our discussion on the best part of pageants, which is, yes, you guessed it right, evening gowns! As they say, first impression is the last impression, the candidates vying to win the golden Miss Grand International crown got a chance to build their first impression during the press conference and media interactions, wherein each delegate had to introduce herself.

Talking about pageants and you miss the discussion on the worst and best evening gowns? Bizarre ain’t it? So how could I miss to present my ideas on which evening gown impressed me with the charisma and which horrendously horrified me. Please note that our attention is not how the girl carried herself in the evening gown but solely on how impressive a particular evening gown is. So let’s go!


1. Thailand- Namoey Chanaphan



Thailand never fails to impress at all when it comes to styling and dressing! What a gorgeous gown for the gorgeous girl. What made the gown look alluring were the pearl like beads with intricate details. While the gown did not look extra for the event, it was also not simple enough to be forgettable among the rest. The intricate details helped the lady to shine and the floor length design just made the beauty more queenly, regal and graceful.

2. Mexico- Lezly Díaz 



The beautiful gown made Lezly Díaz look crown ready with its charismatic attributes. The feather work reminded us of Ivian Sarcos winning evening gown from Miss World 2011. The color, fitting and intricate details all shouted for a deserving limelight.

3. India- Meenakshi Chaudhary



Wow! The look was breathtaking enough to make all the people following Miss Grand International pageant gasp in awe. The beautiful Falguni and Shane Peacock Indian traditional attire made Meenakshi stand out in the crowd with sheer glory. Not only did it reflect the beauty of Indian culture but with the vibrant tinch in the colour, it added grandeur to the charm of the candidate.

4. Paraguay- Clara Sosa



As they say, less is more! The gown did not try too hard to gain the spotlight. Beautiful fitting, sober and somber design with the sequins doing all the drama, Paraguay made the entry to the pageant in a magnificent way without saying much.

5. Ecuador- Blanca Arambulo



Now you might be surprised to see this one on the list! But this outfit made a style statement last night with an unusual colored gown showcasing a little unusual design. Ecuador did manage to stand out with her crisp styling and dressing.


1. Bulgaria- Beloslava Slavcheva Yordanova



The ill fitted evening gown with no design made a poor show at the runway! The color was dull and the makeup and hair made the entire look even more shabby.

2. Moldova- Alexandra Predus



The slit in the gown did not look neat and the net sleeves did not add any beauty to the outfit. The ill fitting made it look all the more unlikable.

3. Albania- Klaudia Kalia



The gown appeared to be simply served to runway without any customized fitting or finishing. The structure of the gown was straight and did not add to any drama robbing the girl chance of showing her curves.

4. Canada- Grace Diamani



The gown did not do justice to an event like press conference or welcome event. The length of the gown was improper and the color too dull to be forgettable in the lot.

5. Lithuania- Jūratė Stasiūnaitė



The fitting of the gown was extremely poor making the candidate appear bulky.

So these were our choices for the worst and best evening gowns at Miss Grand International pageant. What were your choices? Do let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, have a look at the evening gowns of all the contestants right here. Also, stay tuned as we release more reviews in the days to come!

Meet The Contestants of Miss Grand International 2018 Right Here!!!




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