Jéssica S. Carvalho Crowned Miss World Brazil 2018

Jéssica S. Carvalho Crowned Miss Mundo Brasil 2018

Jéssica S. Carvalho was crowned as Miss World Brazil 2018 during the grand finale of Miss Mundo Brasil 2018, which took place on August 12, 2018 at Hotel do Bosque. She succeeds Gabrielle Vilela as the new representative of Brazil at Miss World 2018 wherein Manushi Chhillar of India will crown her successor as next Miss World.


During the same event, Jainy Lemos was titled as the first runner up and Marina Ramada was adjudged as the second runner up.


Brazil has been participating at Miss World pageant since 1958 and has produced one Miss World titleholder under the courtesy of Lúcia Tavares Petterle, who was crowned as Miss World 1971. Brazil has been placing at Miss World pageant consecutively since last seven years.

Complete Results

Top 8 Finalists:

  • Innessa Pontes
  • Isabella Garcia
  • Sarah Torres
  • Joanna Camargo
  • Sthefany Schunck
  • Marina Ramada
  • Jainy Lemos
  • Jéssica S. Carvalho

Top 21 Semi-Finalists:

  • Gleycy Correia
  • Helena Maier
  • Sheyzi Brazão
  • Marina Ramada
  • Sthefany Schunck
  • Karen Oncken
  • Karine Martovicz
  • Ruth Raphaela
  • Jéssica Carvalho
  • Tallita Martins
  • Jainy Lemos
  • Ariádine Maroja
  • Gabrielli Frozza
  • Greice Fontes
  • Tainá Laydner
  • Cristielli Camargo
  • Joanna Camargo
  • Isabella Garcia
  • Innessa Pontes
  • Duda Magalhães
  • Sarah Torres

Meet The Contestants of Miss World 2018 HERE!!!

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