Xamiera Kippins Crowned Miss Earth Guyana 2018

Xamiera Kippins Crowned Miss Earth Guyana 2018

Xamiera Kippins of La Parfaite Harmonie was crowned as Miss Earth Guyana 2018 during the grand finale of the third edition of the Miss Earth Guyana pageant that took place on June 23, 2018 at the National Cultural Centre in Georgetown. She succeeds Stacy Ramcharan as the new Miss Earth Guyana and would now be making a comeback of Guyana at Miss Earth 2018, after three years, wherein Karen Ibasco of Philippines will crown her successor as next Miss Earth.


During the same event, Luann Pellew was titled as Miss Earth Guyana Air 2018, Akisha Payne was adjudged as Miss Earth Guyana Water 2018 and Anita Baker finished as Miss Earth Guyana Fire 2018.

Guyana has been participating at Miss Earth pageant since 2010 and is yet to win the first Miss Earth crown.

Meet The Contestants of Miss Earth 2018 HERE!

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