Vote Now! Who Should Win Femina Miss India 2018?

Femina Miss India 2018: TKOP Readers’ Choice Poll

The 55th edition of Femina Miss India is slated to take place in Mumbai on June 19, 2018. During the conclusion of the Femina Miss India 2018 pageant, the reigning Miss World, Manushi Chhillar from Haryana will crown her successor as the next representative of India at Miss World 2018.

While the winner of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India represents India at Miss World, the runners up go to Miss Grand International 2018 and Miss United Continents 2018.


With only a month left for the crowning of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is here to know the opinions of all the pageant enthusiasts across the world, as to who is the most appropriate candidate to win Femina Miss India 2018 and give a strong back to back fight for India at Miss World 2018.

So what are you waiting for! Vote for your favorite contestant right here and she shall be featured in our special editorial before the finale. The winner shall also receive a memento as the token of love from The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry.

The voting lines are open till the midnight of June 20, 2018. So hurry up and vote! 🙂

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587 Comments Add yours

  1. Alka Toi says:

    Meghalaya will win


  2. Verry nice my sister mamita
    I miss u


  3. Mangal Debbarma says:



  4. Nice ur fashion show sister.. i like ur fashion sisters.. i miss u sisters


  5. Vote rwi kwplai khly d mamita no


    1. khumpui debbarma says:

      Already c winner ni bumung saklai rikha hnke..tabukbo tangui vote riwoi tong by khu..tabuk borok chungno fake link da ri..aro ta gujrat ni c first nukjagui tongo hnke..tai 2nd mamita winner o borokni bumung c kwrwi

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Martin jamatia says:



  6. Shomman mossang says:

    #ARUNACHAL_PRADESH must win..👍👍👍


  7. Sawan das says:

    You are just amazing…


  8. Sawan das says:

    You are just amazing


  9. Baithang Twipra says:

    I love you mamita debbarma


  10. Ratno tripura says:

    I love u mamita debbarma


  11. Binoy kalai says:

    Don’t worry mamita debbarma. We are all tripraa bwsa supporting you.
    You are the Rock 🌟 and this year femina miss India winners is Ms mamita debbarma.


  12. motin says:

    I Love You! Momita


  13. Tuli says:

    Mary khyriem


  14. Ajoy debbarma says:

    Ta wanadi bai mamita chwng bukung bara rok nini logi tngo….


  15. Bindu Debbarma says:

    Bfro o result wngnai sa


  16. Dalton trip says:

    God bless you my sis


  17. Khorang jomatiya says:

    We love you dear Mamita and want to see you with beautiful crown…….
    I would like to request to all my TIPRA people , …. plz pkz plz vote for our beautiful flower of Tripura.
    …….. but on behalf of the TIPRA people, one request to you sister Mamita; plz don’t scold us like shourabee.


  18. Asha debbarma says:

    Best of luck mamita…… chini bukung bara rog ni chati wngwi chini mwkhangno kwchwng khwlaiphai d winner wngwi.. .. Nwngno kwplai wngna wngthu … luv u so much Mami .


  19. Serafin says:

    I like Mamita miss India 2018


  20. Rakesh Debbarma says:

    Ur are so pretty.. I lve ummahhhh mamita.. I hope so you winner.. Fbb colors femina miss india 2018.. God bless you..


  21. Lk tripura says:

    I pray for u.jesus help all time


  22. Lk tripura says:

    I pray for u.jesus help all time


  23. Lil boss says:

    Make Tiprasa proud


  24. Sonia Debbarma says:

    Bukhuk Mamita Debbarma ng no phy ny we r voting u..


  25. Sonia Debbarma says:

    Bukhuk Mamita Debbarma ng no py ny we r voting u..


  26. Sourav debbarma says:

    Mamita do well


  27. Dravil chakma says:

    Wish you all the best mamita Debbarma


  28. Bishal says:

    Good luck mamita


  29. birendra Tripura says:

    Ta wanadi maita humbai


    1. mwatatu omari says:

      Queen elizabeth from tanzania


  30. Chakdulatripura says:

    Vot rodi bai mamita debbarma n


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