Jzayla Hughey Crowned Miss Earth New Zealand 2018

Jzayla Hughey Wins Miss Earth New Zealand 2018

Jzayla Hughey was crowned as Miss Earth New Zealand 2018 on April 14, 2018. She succeeds Abby Sturgin as the new Miss Earth New Zealand and will now be representing New Zealand at Miss Earth 2018.


The 22 years newly crowned Miss Earth New Zealand 2018, Jzayla Hughey is a polished actress and model, hailing from North Shore.

During the same event, Rovelyn Milford was titled as Miss Air New Zealand 2018, Mutiara Muroso was adjudged as Miss Water New Zealand 2018 and Allaynah Hill was announced as Miss Fire New Zealand 2018.


New Zealand has been participating at Miss Earth pageant since 2001 but has not managed to make the first cut in the semi-finals till date.

Photography Credits: Andrew Bignall

Meet The Contestants of Miss Earth 2018 HERE!

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