Femina Miss India North 2018: Pondering On Early Favorites!

Who Is Shining At Femina Miss India North 2018: An Opinion!

After sweeping two major national titles and bagging four spots in Top 5 last year at Femina Miss India, North zone is back with a bang. The power of north zone can never be underestimated, for this zones has given India many gems who have brought laurels to the country by performing exceedingly well at several international platforms.

So as always, I am here to throw some light on some of the amazing ladies from this batch, whom I think can perform exceedingly well in the Fbb Colors Femina Miss India North 2018, so here we go!



Left to right: Saumya Sharma, Siddhi Gupta and Gayatri Bhardwaj

Beginning with one of the most talked about state in Femina Miss India pageant, the capital city, Delhi. Delhi never fails to impress and it didn’t when Gayatri Bharadwaj, Saumya Sharma and Siddhi Gupta were shortlisted as the Top 3 finalists for the zonals.

Gayatri Bharadwaj is a Campus Princess finalist and is also a national level football player. You’ll be impressed to hear that she is also a dental student and aspires to be a successful dentist some day. Meanwhile, we have Saumya Sharma, who is also a Campus Princess finalist and is a MBA student.  I believe, it’s between both the ladies to walk with the title of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Delhi 2018. While Gayatri has got the wonderful profile and a beautiful face, Saumya is spontaneous, congenial and holds the spark in her body language. I’ll be more than glad to see anyone of them taking the crown and bearing the sash of Delhi at India’s most reputed national pageant, Femina Miss India 2018.



Left to Right- Aditi Jaswal, Anubha Vashishth, Sumita Bhandari

Uttarakhand has got a superb batch this year with Sumita Bhandari, Anubha Vashisht and Aditi Jaswal making the first cut! One of the loveliest batches in the north zone, all the three finalists seems to have distinctive features reflecting the spontaneous aura. While I am in awe with Sumita’s charming smile, Anubha’s mesmerizing body language is something to watch for, besides Aditi Jaswal owns a mature and poised temperament.

However, if I were to choose one for the crown, it would be Sumita Bhandari for her lovely stage presence, striking features and impressive personality. Sumita is a Campus Princess finalist and is also a fashion designing student. In addition, she loves to pen down her thoughts through her blog. She is quite photogenic and looks beautiful both on and off the camera. Meanwhile, both Anubha and Aditi are quite competitive and strong, so it could be anyone of them!



Left to right: Surina Jaidka, Anna Kler and Rhythm Singh Randhawa

I completely love this batch! What a great batch. All three of them look polished, well prepared and incredibly strong. Punjab is anyway going to do well in Femina Miss India 2018, if any one wins. Be it the tall and poised, Rhythm Singh Randhawa, well versed and smart, Anna Kler or the gorgeous Surina Jaidka, it’s anybody’s game! I’ll be sad for anyone who won’t make it further and glad at the same time as they could prove as a great Miss Diva finalist!

If Rhythm Singh Randhawa wins Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Punjab 2018, then I would love to see her at Miss Grand International. She has been the winner of local pageant, Miss Punjab erstwhile and speaks with immense grace. If Anna Kler goes on to win the state title, mark my words, she could be a very great Miss World representative. With a rich educational background and poised composure, she can be a force to reckon with at Femina Miss India 2018. If Surina Jaidka wins this title, she can certainly pull off the Anukriti Gusain’s feat with such lovely facial features.

Uttar Pradesh


Left to right: Himanshi, Andleeb Zaidi and Tanam Dev

Uttar Pradesh again has a good batch. With already experienced and polished contestant like Tanam Dev, who was Femina Miss India Karnataka 2018 finalist, Uttar Pradesh is yet again resolute to give a great performance this year. Next we have, Himanshi Parashar, who is not only beautiful but also warm and congenial in her body language. Thereafter we have Andleeb Zaidi, who speaks quite well and gives the reflection of an eloquent persona.

I feel that it is Himanshi or Tanam’s game and anyone of them could be the winner of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Uttar Pradesh 2018.

Himachal Pradesh


( L – R) Shefali Dhiman, Swattee Thakur, and Aanchal Thakur

Himachal Pradesh has shown significant upgrade in terms of participation and quality when compared to last year. With Shefali Dhiman, Swattee Thakur and Aanchal Thakur vying to be the sash bearer of state, it’s again anybody’s game. All the three contestants look equally competitive, strong headed and graceful.

While Shefali Dhiman is a Campus Princess finalist and is quite photogenic, the fierce engineer, Swattee Thakur looks marvellous. Next we have Aanchal Thakur, who is quite a charmer. So again it’s anybody’s game for Himachal Pradesh.



Left to Right: Nikita Nanda, Nishi Bharadwaj and Meenakshi Chaudhary

Haryana pulled off its biggest feat last year with Manushi Chhillar winning the first Femina Miss India crown from her state and then eventually winning Miss World title. This year, Haryana would have a very huge responsibility on its shoulder to carry forward the legacy laid down by their predecessor, Manushi  Chhillar. However, having said that, the state has come up with some of the really strong women like Nikita Nanda, Nishi Bharadwaj and Meenakshi Chaudhary.

But hands down! Crown Meenakshi right now! Not only she speaks well and talks sense, but is also immensely composed and poised when she takes the runway. With a brilliant profile, Meenakshi would not only be a force to reckon with if crowned as Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Haryana 2018, but also carries tremendous potential to shine internationally. She is a medical student and is also a Campus Princess finalist. I’ll be elated to see her wearing the sash of Haryana at Femina Miss India 2018.

Jammu & Kashmir


( L – R) Mallika Kapoor, Samreen Kaur, and Deepshikha Sharma

The girls contending for the title of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Jammu & Kashmir 2018 have lived up to the expectations. Another strong batch wherein all the candidates have the potential to shine with their oozing confidence and sparkling individuality! No wonder why the state bagged the first runner up title last year at Femina Miss India pageant. This year Samreen Kaur, Mallika Kapoor and Deepshika Sharma are vying to be the sash bearer of the state.

The competition for this state is nail biting. While Samreen has an amazing beauty and charm to woo the hearts of audience gazing her, Deepshika comes across as someone who is very mature and smart when she interacts with the audience. Meanwhile, Mallika looks incredibly confident and spontaneous. While, it’s completely anybody’s game, Samreen has a softer corner in my heart to win this title. Even if Deepshika wins the crown, the state can go really ahead in this journey.

Madhya Pradesh


(L – R) Nikita Soni, Meena Ahir, and Niharika Sabharwal

Last but not the least, how can we forget this amazing batch! Madhya Pradesh batch is a huge huge upgrade from last year. I completely adore this batch. While Meena  Ahir has a modelesque face and aura which could give many aspiring models a run for money, Nikita Soni is an epitome of grace. Besides, we have Niharika Sabharwal, who seems to be a complete package with her congeniality, beauty and eloquence.

I believe it’s either between Nikita Soni or Niharika Sabharwal. However, I would love to see Niharika wearing the sash of Madhya Pradesh at Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018, for not only is she beautiful, but she also has a warm aura and eloquent personality. Niharika is a Campus Princess finalist and is also a state level basket ball player. Furthermore, she has been involved with various philanthropic causes involving upliftment of women and providing shelter to stray animals. If she wins the title, she has bright chances to move ahead in the journey to Femina Miss India 2018 crown.

So with this I conclude this blog post! Do let me know, who are your favourites from each state in the comment section! Until then, stay tuned. 🙂

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