An Insight To Femina Miss India South 2018 Batch- Final Verdict!

Fbb Colors Femina Miss India South 2018- Final Predictions

Within four days, Femina Miss India will have its first set of finalists for Femina Miss India 2018 pageant. The contestants will then vie to be the successor of reigning Miss World, Manushi Chhillar  as India’s next representative at Miss World 2018 pageant.

Last year, only two states from south zone could make it to semi-finals at the Femina Miss India 2017 pageant where both Miss Kerala, Mannat Singh and Miss Karnataka, Swathi Muppala finished as Top 15 semi-finalist. With just four days left for the crowning of south state representatives, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is here with its final verdict as to who should walk home with the crown of their respective states. So without much ado, let’s begin!

femina miss india south 2018

Andhra Pradesh

The very first state to chose its finalists for Femina Miss India 2018, Vegi Harshita, Kiranmai Uppuluri and Shreya Rao Kamavarpu impressed the pageant fans and critics with their poise and charm. While Kiranmai Uppuluri hails from the Fashion background already, having mentored many fashion shows in her college society, Shreya Rao Kamavarpu is an established architect and a state level Basket Ball player. Shreya has also represented her College as Secretary at NASA (National Association For Students Of Architecture).

I believe that Shreya should be the sash bearer of Andhra Pradesh at Femina Miss India 2018. If she is crowned as Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Andhra Pradesh 2018, not only would she prove as an upgrade to Srishti Vyakaranam in facial terms but also in the prolific profile she carries for a pageant like Miss World. I love the way she smiles at the camera. She is quite photogenic and if groomed properly she will be a force to reckon with at Miss India 2018.

Shreya Kamavarapu..jpg

Shreya Rao Kamavarpu

Tamil Nadu

Next we have Tamil Nadu finalists! Anukreethy Vyas, Matisha Sharma and Esha Gohil are hoping to succeed Sherlin Seth as the next representative of Tamil Nadu at Femina Miss India 2018. While Matisha is a law student, Anukreethy is a dancer and athlete, meanwhile we have Esha, who is already an established runway and print model.

If Tamil Nadu wants to perform well at Femina Miss India 2018, Esha Gohil should be crowned as Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Tamil Nadu 2018. Having received the offer to walk the runway of New York Fashion Week, Esha proves that her journey is no cakewalk. While Esha does need to work on her body in order to excel at Femina Miss India 2018, her modeling stint and runway experience gives her an edge over other contenders.

Esha Gohil.jpg

EntEsha Gohil


Mekhana Shajan, Reshma Nambiar and Anumol R are vying to be Mannat Singh‘s successor as Miss Kerala at Femina Miss India 2018 pageant. Honestly, if we look at the three finalists, though all of them look wonderful but no one has the star quality to match the high bars which Mannat had set last year. Mannat’s only weak point was her corporeal frame, had she been fit and well in shape, no one could have stopped her from entering the Top 5. The way she smiled and interacted with people would make anyone her fan!

Coming back to this year, while Mekhana has an impressive profile and rich background supporting her being a classical dancer and painter, Reshma is associated to an NGO supporting Environmental Cause which strengthens her profile for Miss World India, on the other hand we have happy to go lucky girl, Anumol, who is effortlessly beautiful. So it is anybody’s game, but if I were to chose one among the three, I will pick Anumol. Anumol speaks beautifully and spontaneously and she is more telegenic than photogenic. She is comfortable on camera and her voice sounds convincing.

Anumol R.jpg

Anumol R


The state which has given Asia the very first Mister World, Rohit Khandelwal, never disappoints. After gifting a wonderful representative like Simran Choudhary last year, Telangana is back with yet again fabulous batch. In the audition judged by Mister World, Rohit Khandelwal and reigning Miss Telangana, Simran Choudhary, Sakshi Kakkar, Kamakshi Bhaskarla and Indu Cherukuri were chosen as the finalists for Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Telangana 2018.

In this batch, Sakshi Kakkar seems like a clear winner to me! Sakshi speaks confidently in front of cameras and she has the boldness to stand out in the crowd. Being trained in Martial Arts, she is also proficient in playing guitar. Sakshi Kakkar appears to be a complete package for Miss India pageant. Just a little bit of polishing and she is good to go!

Sakshi Kakkar.jpg

Sakshi Kakkar


Moving to the last and strongest batch of South Zone, we have Tanam Dev, Harita Shah and Bhavna Durgam. Just like last year, Karnataka has yet again proved why the organization should solidify the place of the state in the semi-finals. After a remarkable representation of Swathi Muppala at Femina Miss India, this batch seems the most promising among all the batches shortlisted for zonal finals. In this batch, anyone of them who wins the crown is going to do a fabulous job in the national pageant, and the two missing the cut could prove out to be a force to reckon with at Miss Diva 2018 pageant.

While Tanam has a face which could be transformed magnificently at the pageant, Harita has aced her experience in modeling, whereas Bhavna has the queenly poise in her aura. If I were to chose one representative among the three I would chose Harita Shah as the sash bearer of a strong state like Karnataka at Femina Miss India 2018. What I simply adore about Harita is her appealing and warm smile, the way she carries herself on stage and the confidence she oozes while gazing the camera. She would prove out to be a wonderful successor to a fabulous predecessor like Swathi Muppala.


harita shah.jpg

Harita Shah

Who are your favorites for the state finals? Do let me know in the comment section below! Until then, good bye! 🙂

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