Katherine Espín Appointed National Director Of Miss Earth Ecuador

Katherine Espín Becomes National Director of Miss Earth Ecuador

Katherine Espín, who was crowned as Miss Earth 2016 in Philippines and became the second Miss Earth titleholder from Ecuador, has now been appointed as the National Director of Miss Earth Ecuador Organization.


The news was disclosed by the former Miss Earth herself as she took to  her official social media handle expressing her ecstasy,

Wow! The time of God is perfect and that is why I am so grateful for this new challenge that has been given to me by the international organization miss earth in which I will be responsible for choosing the next worthy representative of my country for the international competition Miss Earth 2018. This gift I receive today is thanks to the work carried out for a year as miss earth 2016 where the organization has honored me because they trust my potential and how good they are to be responsible for the main cause of this contest, Which is the environment. I am very passionate about this new project for which I will give all my time and dedication. There is no better reward than doing good and receiving blessings from heaven. A thousand thanks to each one of you for supporting my cause and my work. There’s a lot of surprises coming out of the.

With lots of love

Miss Earth 2016 “Queen K”

Katherine Espin has replaced José Hidalgo León as the new National Director of Miss Earth Ecuador pageant.

While Ecuador holds a good record at Miss Earth already winning two Miss Earth crowns in the span of two years in the courtesy of Katherine Espin in 2016 and Olga Álava in 2011, it shall be interesting to see how the new Miss Earth Ecuador will fare under the guidance of former Miss Earth, Katherine herself.

Meet The Contestants of Miss Earth 2018 HERE!

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