Miss Intercontinental 2017 Crown Contenders: The Final Hotpicks

Miss Intercontinental 2017: Top Ten Choices For Crown

Within few hours we will have our new Miss Intercontinental. Since the day the Miss Intercontinental pageant kicked off, we witnessed the contestants in swimsuit, portraits and many other pre-pageant activities. The batch seems fresh, warm and enthusiastic, but there will be only one lady who will walk home with the title of Miss Intercontinental 2017. So without any further ado, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry brings you the final hotpicks, revealing the strongest candidates who may possibly walk away with the crown of Miss Intercontinental.

miss intercontinental 2017 crowned

Miss Intercontinental 2016 Crowning Moment

Venezuela- Martiza Contreras


Venezuela- Maritza Paola Contreras Reyes

When it comes to pageants, the name of the sash is enough! However, here the sash will not merely do the talking. This beauty is going to give a strong run for money to all the delegates out there! Why? Just look at the way she glides the runway and sets fire with her awe-inspiring facial aura! She is here to win it.

Philippines- Katarina Rodriguez


Philippines- Katarina Rodriguez

Despite of having a commendable performance at all international pageants, the Miss Intercontinental crown has remained elusive to the Philippines. With the graceful persona and dazzling beauty, Philippines might just win the first Miss Intercontinental crown this year.

India- Priyanka Kumari

priyanka kumari india miss intercontinental india 2017

India- Priyanka Kumari

Priyanka Kumari is possibly one of the most congenial beauties India has ever sent to any international pageant. This girl knows the value of responsibility a crown brings with itself. She has paved her way through all hardships and her resilient personality will not go unnoticed. She might just win the third Miss Intercontinental crown for India.

Brazil- Amanda Cardoso 


Brazil- Amanda Cardoso

Fiercely beautiful is the phrase that comes to my mind seeing this Brazilian diva. She is smart, sexy, bold and her aura oozes with oomph and vivacity. We might see this lovely lady in Top 5 if not winning the main title, for sure.

Canada- Mattea Henderson


Canada- Mattea Henderson

One of the most striking personality in the batch, I became the fan of Canada, the moment Miss Intercontinental began. She is a refreshing beauty and her energy and vivaciousness is worthy of watching innumerable times. I loved the way she interacted with the media in behind the scenes videos.

Colombia- Lizeth Villanueva


Colombia- Lizeth Mendieta Villanueva

How can we miss this striking personality! She is a pleasure to watch at the runway and is one of the most polished delegates out there, vying to be the next Miss Intercontinental.

Guadeloupe- Marcie Monfret


Guadaloupe- Marcie Melissa Monfret

Do not be surprised if she turns the tables to her side. With a captivating personality and warm attitude, Guadeloupe is all set to turn the heads tonight.

Russia- Natalia Naydenko


Russia- Natalya Naydenko

Russia is a treat to eyes! I would not be surprised seeing her making it to final ten, for she shines brightly in the crowd.

Egypt- Tahanni Hassan


Egypt- Tahani Hassan

This host girl can make the audience acknowledge her powerful presence. If she plays her cards well, the stars may align to gift what she deserves.

Netherlands- Cathelijne Madelief Heppenhuis


Netherlands- Cathelijne Madelief Heppenhuis

After giving a terrific performance in the swimsuit round, lets vouch for the fact that Netherlands is going to wreck the nerves of her fellow contestants during the grand finale. With those captivating features and towering height, she may secure a spot in the finals tonight.

Who are your favorites for the title of Miss Intercontinental 2017? Do share your favorites in the comment section!

Meet The Contestants Of Miss Intercontinental 2017 Here!


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