Miss Belgium 2018 Angeline Flor Pua Has An Apt Reply To Her Racist Critics

Angeline Flor Pua Gives A Hard-Hitting Reply To Her Haters

The newly crowned Miss Belgium 2018, Angeline Flor Pua, who is a pure blooded Filipina has been undergoing a lot of social media turmoil post her crowning as Miss Belgium. Surprisingly, it is her fellow countrymen who are throwing racist abuse on the beauty queen for not being Belgian enough to represent the country at Miss World or Miss Universe pageant.

Angeline Flor Pua

Throwing some light on the matter, Angeline Flor Pua opines, “I have heard about the negative comments. Of course it hurts a lot to read those things about myself, because I know these things are not true. I can show my ID, my birth certificate to prove that I am a Belgian. I have always been accepted by the people at work, at school, everywhere. Racism is a very sensitive subject. It’s not only in Belgium, it is worldwide. I am facing it today and I am a victim of it as you can see. But to the people who are the victims of it, you know the best of yourself. You are still a human being with a good heart. You should be proud of your roots.”

People in Belgium has gone beyond the limits to call her a “ladyboy” and further arguing “What is racist about thinking that a child with Filipino parents shouldn’t be Miss Belgium?”

Angeline further adds, “It took me eight months of work to win the prestigious title and it’s difficult to collect votes, therefore it hurts to read something like this.” The beauty queen also says that these things affects her deeply since she is emotional by heart and belonging to the Belgian nationality her parents have always taught her to stand strong against all odds.

Angeline Flor Pua Miss Belgium 2018 crowning

During Miss Universe 2015, a similar incident was experienced by Miss Japan, Ariana Miyamoto, who faced the wrath of her fellow countrymen for being half black and not being Japanese enough to wear the sash of Japan at Miss Universe. Ariana, despite of all the odds made it to Top 10 of Miss Universe 2015.

With great media organizations supporting Angeline Flor Pua, the beauty queen has also garnered love and support from many pageant enthusiasts all across the globe. Hence, it shall be interesting to see how this Belgian beauty fares in the coming editions of Miss World and Miss Universe.

2 thoughts on “Miss Belgium 2018 Angeline Flor Pua Has An Apt Reply To Her Racist Critics

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  2. That’s why, those half Pinay in some parts of the globe, prefer to represent the Philippines 🇵🇭 as they are well accepted, supported all the way, no issues on being half breed.


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