Moments Etched in Hearts: Reminiscing Top 10 Pageant Moments of 2017!

The Best Pageant Moments of 2017

The year is going to bid us good bye in few hours and we are ecstatic about the happy moments, sad for the unfortunate incidents and enthusiastic for what 2018 has to bring for all of us. Amidst this nostalgic and emotional moment of the year, we here bring you some of the most beautiful pageant moments of 2017 which shall be etched in our hearts forever

1. When Pia Wurtzbach Handed Glasses To Steve Harvey



The queen of hearts, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach bid adieu to her Miss Universe title this year on her home turf, Philippines. Her much talked about controversial crowning ceremony was in news all over the globe, so she made sure to bring up that startling moment back with a pinch of humour during the final announcement of Miss Universe 2016. Pia Wurtzbach stole the moment as she hit Steve in the wittiest way. Right before the announcement, Pia interrupted Harvey and gave her bittersweet vengeance by handing him eyeglasses.

2. When Indonesia Won Its First Miss International Crown

Indonesia had impressed all pageant fans with brilliant National Costumes but the country was still trying to cease its lingering hunger for a major crown after its victory at Miss Grand International 2016, and Kevin Lilliana turned this wish a reality. The very effervescent beauty was announced as Miss International 2017 this October and her winning reaction shall be etched in our hearts forever as she created a history to be remembered and cherished.

3. When District of Columbia Won Miss USA Back To Back

District of Columbia has now become the new powerhouse at Miss USA pageant after having back to back victory in 2017 under the representation of Kára McCullough. What can be more wonderful than crowning your friend! The same happened with Deshauna when she crowned Kara who competed with her during Miss District of Columbia USA and was titled as the first runner up to her. She later represented the state at Miss USA pageant and was crowned by her friend, Deshauna winning the Miss USA crown back to back for her state.

4. When Colombia Entered Top 3 of Miss Universe Fourth Time In Row

Colombia knows how to showcase their proficiency and rich heritage at Miss Universe pageant. Laura Gonzalez was a pleasure to watch at Miss Universe 2017 and her performance throughout the coronation gala was not just beautiful but also inspiring. She stole the show that night the moment she said, “This one goes to every single loser in the world because I know how big your dreams are. You know, I’ve been there but you just keep working hard and put so much passion in everything you do because you just might get the chance to stand in front of a thousand people and they’re screaming through their faces that you’re the one here. You’re a champion. Yes!”

5. When South Africa Won Its Second Miss Universe Crown After 38 Years

Miss Universe 2017 South Africa Demi Leigh Nel Peters Crowning

South Africa has been participating at Miss Universe pageant since last 42 years and won its first ever Miss Universe crown back in 1978 under the representation of Margaret Gardiner. South Africa usually sends its winner to Miss World pageant and has won the Miss World crown lately under the representation of Rolene Strauss, who was crowned in 2014. South Africa finally took the risk of sending their main winner to Miss Universe and voila, they have their second Miss Universe!

6. When India Won Miss World Crown After 17 Years

India’s powerhouse status was diminishing in late 2000’s until the country introduced a new theme at their national pageant this year by allotting thirty state representative of each state under the slogan, “We are Changing”. The Organization introduced many changes in the selection criteria and training sessions, crowning Manushi Chhillar for representing India at Miss World 2017. The lady was not just a beautiful face but proved her strength and elegance through her grounded aura and her performance at Miss World 2017 just added stars to her already gleaming personality. On the finale night, when Manushi was announced as the new Miss World, not just the audience and her supporters gasped in happiness but her winning reaction also stole the limelight!

7. When Monalysa Alcantara Won First Miss Brazil Crown For Piaui

Monalysa Alcantara created history this year when she became the first lady from her state, Piaui to win the Miss Brazil crown. Not only this, her victory was recorded as a back to back triumph for a black woman at Miss Brazil. As a representative of Brazil, she was adjudged as a Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe 2017.

8. When 92 Delegates Competed For Miss Universe Crown

Miss Universe pageant usually sees about eighty countries competing for the crown but this year, delegates across 92 countries and territories participated at Miss Universe pageant, surpassing the previous record of 89 contestants in 2011 and 2012.

9. When Miss World Allowed To Know All Delegates Through Head to Head Challenge

This year Miss World pageant became interesting and worth watching by making a commendable move of dividing delegates in twenty different groups for the Head to Head Challenge. Each contestant was asked different question and then a common question, which allowed people to know each contestant in a better and deeper way. The audience got to connect with the pageant in individual way as they got to vote for their favourite contestant making them the winner of Head to Head Challenge, thereby letting them advance to Top 40 quarter-finals. This was the first time when the delegates made the first cut in such huge number.

10. When Steve Harvey Joked About The Oscars Gaffe

Steve Harvey owned the Miss Universe 2017 pageant as the host. His sense of humour left everyone in delight as they witnessed the show progress. He humouredly said, “I’ll tell you what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend. I’m grateful for the Oscars. Cause it let me off the hook. So, you can sit here and act like you didn’t see what Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway did, but it got me off the hook. Let me explain something to you: Moonlight don’t sound nothing like La La Land. Nothing! There wasn’t but two movies to pick from, and they got it wrong. My mistake at least involved 80 other countries.” He further added before announcing the winner, “Everyone’s waiting on the big moment at the end, to see if I get it right!”

Which was your favourite moment of 2017? Do share in the comment section below! Until then, Happy New Year. See you in 2018! 🙂

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