Words Which Ruled Pageant World: Reminiscing 10 Best Answers of 2017

Unforgettable Words of Wisdom in 2017: Best Answers Of The Year

The choice of words and the composure with which they are uttered are the reflection of person’s personality and that is why the final question and answer segment of the beauty pageants is considered to be one of the most imperative factor in deciding who should reign supreme. This year was all about witnessing the beauties with brain who left the audience in awe with their wise words. As the year is going to end, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is here to reminiscence ten memorable answers by beauty queens, which shall stay in our hearts forever!

1. Davina Bennett – Miss Universe 2017 Second Runner Up (Jamaica)

“What quality in yourself are you most proud of and how will you apply that to your time as Miss Universe?”

“The quality I am most appreciative of is my drive, my determination. I am the founder of a foundation that spreads awareness for the deaf community, and this platform is such a great platform to just let [people] know that these persons need opportunities and equal opportunities like those in society. And so the Miss Universe competition will be the platform for me to use this foundation to spread awareness for all the deaf people around.”

2. Manushi Chhillar- Miss World 2017 (India)

manushi chhillar from india is miss world 2017

“Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?”

“Since I am very close to my mother, I think a mother deserves the highest respect. And when you talk about salary, I don’t think it is just about cash but I feel it is love and respect that you give to someone and I think my Mom has always been the biggest inspiration in my life and all mothers, they just sacrifice so much for their kids. So, the profession which deserves the highest salary, highest respect and love should be a Mother.”

3. Demi Leigh Nel Peters- Miss Universe 2017 (South Africa)

“What quality in yourself are you most proud of and how will you apply that to your time as Miss Universe?”

“You have to be confident in who you are as an individual. Miss Universe is a woman who has overcome many fears and by that she is able to help other women overcome their fears. She is the woman from whom nothing is ever too much to ask for and I think that is exactly who I am. Thank you.”

4. Elizabeth Durado Clenci– Miss Grand International 2017 Second Runner Up (Philippines)

Elizabeth Clenci Final Answer Miss Grand International 2017.jpg

“If you have to issue a law to punish criminals of war and violence, how would you punish these people and why?”

“They say a nation is judged not by criminals and the crimes they commit, but how the nation punishes them. If I were to create a law, it would be to implement mental rehabilitation because character is such a complex phenomenon. We cannot judge someone’s character based on the crimes that they commit. If we punish somebody just as equally as the crimes they have committed, then what does that say about us? I would implement mental rehabilitation. Thank you.”

5. Laura González- Miss Universe 2017 First Runner Up (Colombia)

“Terrorism is one of the main threats facing our world today. As Miss Universe, you will lead discussions on current issues from all over the globe. How would you go about explaining terrorism to a child?”

“I have never been a victim of terrorism, nor has been my family. I can’t really explain it really feels to be one of them. But if I had an opportunity to speak to a child, I would tell him that please your generation and my generation, we can’t be full of weapons. Please spread more books, more cultures, more friendships and more love. Thank you.”

6. Martha Martinez Insignares- Miss Supranational 2017 First Runner Up (Colombia)



“Do you prefer to ask for forgiveness or ask for permission?”

“I prefer to ask for forgiveness. When we do that, we know we have done something wrong and we learn from that. So, when we ask for forgiveness, we learn from our bad experience. You know, we are humans, we make mistakes and it’s the reason we are humans.”

7. Karen Ibasco- Miss Earth 2017 (Philippines)

“What or who is the Biggest Enemy of Mother Earth?”

“I believe that the real problem in this world is not climate change, the real problem is us because of our ignorance and apathy, what we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds, and to start redirecting our steps because together at a global community, our micro efforts will have a macro effects to help save our home, our planet.”

8. Kevin Lilliana- Miss International 2017 (Indonesia)

“Deliver a message on peace and harmony.”

“Indonesia is one of the few countries that has such a diversity of cultures, languages and beliefs. That is why I am a big believer in unity in diversity. This world is a beautiful place because of its wide variety, not similarities, and if I become Miss International I will spread these positive values and spread the culture of accepting and respecting differences, because I know that every country has their own cultures, character and identities. Therefore, let’s create a perfect solution by learning, understand and appreciating each other.”

9. María José Lora- Miss Grand International 2017 (Peru)

Peru Maria Jose Lora

“If you have to issue a law to punish criminals of war and violence, how would you punish these people and why?”

“If I have to issue a law that punishes people that make the war and violence, I will take them to live in refugee camps so they can feel the pain, the suffering, and the devastation these families go through because of the war and violence. I will take them, for a certain amount of time to live in refugee camps. That would be my law for the people that create war and violence. Thank you so much.”

10. Bianca Tirsin Lorena- Miss Supranational 2017 Second Runner Up (Romania)

Miss romania supranational 2017 winning answer.jpg

“What do you think about violence towards women?”

“Discrimination, abuse and violence against women and not only women but children and also teenagers is wrong, they have human rights, which are violated. We must teach men to respect women. You can’t hit women; you need to respect them because the person who gave birth to you, your mother is also a woman. Your teacher, who taught you your first alphabet and all the other things, was a woman. The person you played with, your sister is also a woman. The person you love, your wife is a woman. The mother earth who will absorb you when you die is a woman and you need to respect them all.”

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