Reigning Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle Gives an Emotional Farewell Speech!

Stephanie Del Valle on Passing Her Miss World Crown!

Within twelve hours we will know our Miss World 2017 winner. In the last moments of her reign, the reigning Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle unfolds her journey as Miss World in an interview with Barney Walsh.


Stephanie Del Valle opined since her country, Puerto Rico has not participated this year, she has got a constant excuse to spend time with all the contestants and staff all the time. Being with contestants, she says, she feels just like another contestant vying for the title.

Further when Barney stated, “You’ve had a lot of fun being Miss World this year, but there have been difficult times too, we don’t have a Miss Puerto Rico this year in the competition because of the Hurricane,” Stephanie turned emotional replying, “It was actually scary moment for everyone because there was nobody alive in Puerto Rico who had ever experienced a hurricane of that magnitude. Currently in Puerto Rico, people still don’t have water, electricity. Diseases that had completely eradicated from Puerto Rico have started to come back, and it’s very scary. I want to do something for Puerto Rico, for the islands of the Caribbean.”

On being asked about, “How difficult is it going to be to hand over the crown?” Stephanie said, “Incredibly difficult! Just because this crown symbolizes more than just having won Miss World, you know the crown is the symbol of ‘beauty with a purpose’ but personally it is also a symbol of me having evolved as a person because I am not the same person who I was the moment I was crowned, it’s kind of like an end to this circle. So, I don’t know if I might just run away and keep it forever (laughs).

Well, we too are going to miss her wonderful reign and the passion with which she involved with the Miss World Organization to work towards Beauty with a Purpose, but a fairy tale has to end for another wonderful story to begin! 🙂


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