Miss World 2017: First Leaderboard and Initial Impressions!

Miss World 2017: First Hotpicks and Inceptive Review

The 67th edition of the Miss World pageant is slated to take place on November 18, 2017 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China PR. During the conclusion of the pageant, Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico will crown her successor as the new Miss World.

Miss World 2017 is the sixty seventh edition of the Miss World pageant and looks like Sanya has more to offer in this edition of the pageant than the former ones. This year is going to be a nerve wrecking battle for all the candidates vying to wear the coveted crown of Miss World. With strong personalities, Beauty with a Purpose projects carried out with devotion and passion to bring laurels to country, the ladies across the globe are here to be the next Miss World.

With just two weeks remaining to witness the crowning of Miss World 2017, I am here with my picks for the crown after observing all the pictures, fastrack challenges and Head to Head Challenge videos. So without much ado, let’s delve in!

Miss World 2017 First Official Leaderboard pageantry

1. Indonesia- Achintya Holte Nilsen

Right since Achintya landed in Sanya, she proved what it means to be called as a social bird. She has been actively posting about her journey in social media in vigorously energetic way and her smile just steals the limelight. Her Dances of the World and Parade of Nations costumes became the instant talk of pageant town as she proved the hype around her sash in the colourful city, Sanya. Thumbs up from my side!

2. United States- Clarissa Bowers

Sassy, stylish and stunning are the words which define the personality of the ever gorgeous, Clarissa Bowers. She has been everywhere, be it the official Miss World Organization official website or social media handle, her presence is remarkably felt in all the places. A volley ball player, model and beauty queen, she knows it all to leave an everlasting impression. Being chosen as the spokesperson of her continent at an event speaks multitude about the talent she embodies. Watch out for USA!

3. India- Manushi Chhillar

Yes! There she is! She could potentially be India’s sixth Miss World. Look at that gorgeous face and you will be stunned for hours, I kid you not. Maintaining a powerful Beauty with a Purpose Project which talks about menstrual hygiene in rural areas, Manushi proved her mettle as she became the spokesperson of Asia in an inaugural event. Her styling has been impeccably impressive throughout the course of the pageant. Her multimedia management is at par the brilliance level and her honest smile just adds conviction to her passion of winning the Miss World title. She isn’t going to settle down for less!

4. Russia- Polina Popova

She has gained a lot of momentum post her arrival in Sanya, China. She is pretty and dresses to kill. Her photogenic face and familiarity with Chinese background and language gives her an edge over other candidates. She could take her country far in the race of Miss World crown.

5. Bahamas- Geena Thompson

She was one of the most pleasant surprises of the Miss World 2017 batch! As a law student, not only is Geena spontaneous but is also lively and energetic enough to speak about her bully episodes with sheer confidence. Her body language is impressive to take her far in finals if she aces all the fastrack events.


6. France- Aurore Kichenin

This lady has the star quality and it reflects in her eyes and vibrant smile. I love the way she carries herself in the competition. I would be elated to see her going far in the pageant.

7. Australia- Esma Voloder

One of the most gorgeous faces of the Miss World pageant, Australia is yet again stronger than before in this edition. Esma is beautiful and bubbly and makes her mark in the competition with her graceful personality and beaming dressing sense.

8. Botswana- Nicole Gaelebale

Botswana stands for perseverance at Miss World 2017. Having failed six times to achieve the title of Miss World Botswana, Nicole did not give up but rather instigated a pageant school where she worked harder with others to overcome her pitfalls. She has the energy and spark to shine in closed door interview.

9. Philippines- Laura Lehmann

Laura is gracious, beautiful and has the essence of being poised as a queen. Her charming aura wins attention and she turns million heads as she takes the centre stage.

10. Spain- Elisa Tulian

The very gorgeous Elisa is yet again here to make Spain proud. She is charismatic and has the aura to win the limelight.


Andrea Meza from Mexico is next up in list for her effervescent personality. Following her closely is South Africa, who is also a doctor by profession. Next we have, Nepal, who stood out impressively in the Head to Head Challenge with her efficient body language and confidence. Subsequently, we have Chile, who is an entrepreneur and is amiably interactive throughout the pageant, she is bubbly and pulsates spontaneity. Following her is Brazil, who wows people with her beauty. Thereafter, we have young and fresh delegate, Canada, who is flawlessly beautiful and amazes the audience with her charming aura. Next we have Cook Islands, who is very articulate and confident. Subsequently, we have Jamaica, who is potentially a strong delegate to earn her nation a place in quarter finals. Venezuela and PR China lock their spots as the last two delegates in my leaderboard with their impressive social media presence and appealing personalities.

So these are my choices for Miss World 2017, which is subjected to change as the remaining Head to Head Challenge and other Fastrack events unfold. Who are your favourites for Miss World 2017? Do not forget to share your opinions in the comment section below! Until next post, see you! 🙂

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