Miss Grand International 2017 Grand Finale Review: An Evening of Anticipation!

Miss Grand International 2017: Grand Finale Review!

Miss Grand International 2017 culminated last night in all glory. The word ‘grand’ to the pageant not just justifies its relevance but also proves it time and again that Miss Grand International is on the verge of becoming one of the prime pageants of the world. So, for those who missed watching the pageant live last night, not to worry, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is here with all the scoops and reviews from the grand finale of much awaited event, Miss Grand International 2017.

Peru Maria Jose Lora

Miss Grand International 2017- Maria Jose Lora (Peru)

The Opening Number

The show began with all the 77 delegates tapping their feet on music at the stage. Honestly, I did not like the opening number outfits at all. Miss Grand International, you could do a better job, considering huge expectations now the worldwide fans have from you.  Subsequently, the reigning Miss Grand International, Ariska Putri Pertiwi joined all the contestants on stage beating her feet to the music. Ariska looked charmingly wonderful as the show opened.

The Hosts

Xian Lim was absolutely superb as the host. He looked quite a gentleman as he maintained poise throughout the competition. Nicole Cordoves appeared stunning in that perky hairdo. She did a pretty decent job as the host of the show.



Former Miss Grand International winners, Claire Parker, Janelee Chaparro, Lees Garcia and Vice President of Miss Grand International Organization, Teresa Chaivisut graced the jury panel of Miss Grand International 2017 grand finale. Apart from them, Ly Nha Ky, Tourism Ambassador of Vietnam and Miss Hung Temple Giang My, also from Vietnam joined the jury panel.

Although the jury panel gave fair results overall, there were some shocks and surprises in the competition. Like the high placement of Puerto Rico in Top 5 and Vietnam making it to Top 10 semi-finals instead of a magnificent performer like India, came as complete shock to the audience.

Judges Miss Grand International

Top 20 Quarter-Finalists

Out of twenty shortlisted quarter-finalists, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry predicted sixteen contestants correctly in the final predictions, missing only Czech Republic, China, Russia and Puerto Rico.

The Miss Grand International pageant again witnessed an Asian dominance in quarter finals with seven Asian crown contenders like Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Laos and Indonesia. Interestingly, all of them proved their worth to make it to the finals. Subsequent to Asian dominance we had Latin American nations like, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru and Venezuela who proved out yet again that Latinas are not just strong in pageantry but also passionate about withholding their aura in every nooks and corners of the pageant world. Ukraine, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia were the four European nations to reach the quarter-finals. Australia was the only flag bearer of Oceania at the pageant. Surprisingly, strong Black delegates like Haiti, Jamica and Nigeria could not crack the quarter finals. South Sudan emerged as the sole flag bearer of Africa in the pageant.

The good thing about the pageant was that none of the quarter-finalists were there in the finals out of the blue, and all of them justified their placements with wonderful preliminary performances.

Top 10 Semi-Finalists

The announcement of Top 10 semi-finalists began with the announcement of the winner of Miss Popular Vote, who automatically gets an entry to Top 10 spot. The title went to Miss Grand Indonesia, Dea Goesti Rizkita, who would have made it there without the help of any votes. She aced her swimsuit round performance and deserved to be the semi-finalist.

The semi-finals yet again witnessed an Asian dominance with the presence of four Asians, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Following up were Latinas like Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Then we had two Europeans contending for the crown, Ukraine and Czech Republic and one sole bearer of Africa since quarter-finals to semi-finals, Miss Grand South Sudan.

The selection of Top 10 semi-finalists was made as soon as the swimsuit round concluded, which came as a bit appalling to me. Usually judges take time to evaluate all the contestants, and thereafter the tabulation and announcement of the shortlisted candidates takes a little time, but here everything seemed too hasty.  Nonetheless, inclusion of Vietnam, instead of India, who gave a better performance, seemed dubious indicating the host nation benefits.  Furthermore, I was not convinced with the inclusion of South Sudan in Top 10. Although South Sudan gave a magnanimously great performance in the preliminary competition, I found the final swimsuit performance quite average. Brazil in my opinion performed better and deserved a place in Top 10.

Indonesia showed a great fighting spirit by not just grabbing the Top 10 spot but also by winning two major subtitles like Best in National Costume, which was a back to back for Indonesia and Miss Popular Vote.

Many of the countries during the Top 10 Semi-Finals Speech Round seemed rehearsed, repetitive and lacking conviction. The only delegates who impressed me with their wit and charm were Peru and Philippines.

Thereafter, the Top 10 Semi-Finalists performed in the Evening Gown Competition and I was convinced of Philippines, Peru and Venezuela making it to Top 3.

The Farewell

Ariska Putri Pertiwi has proven out to be one of the most transformable and humble beauty queens ever. The way she gave her final farewell speech moved me to tears. She had the conviction in her voice as she thanked her supporters, who gave her advice on even minute things like her dress and makeup. She seemed down to earth and grateful for the opportunity she received to uplift the war trodden victims via winning the title of Miss Grand International. I loved the passion in her voice.

Top 5 Finalists

Miss Grand International 2018 Vote Now

The Top 5 Finalists had a Latina dominance including Peru, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. Philippines and Czech Republic were the sole flag bearers of Asia and Europe respectively in the finals. During the final question and answer round, the contestants were asked if they could implement a law to punish those who are involved in violence and war, what would they do.

None of the finalists could do justice to the final answer except Philippines. While Peru answered that she would take the terrorists to refugee camp and see how painful they have made others’ life, Czech Republic totally stumbled with no answer saying, “Together we can bring a change.” Venezuela opined that she believed in God and she would leave it up to God to decide what is right for them.  Only Philippines emerged closest to answering question by saying she would implement mental rehabilitation because character is such a complex phenomenon and that we cannot judge someone’s character based on the crimes that they commit.

But as they say, it is not only about the final answer but also about the total scores, preliminary scores and many pre-pageant decisive features, which decide a winner and hence Peru emerged as the winner of Miss Grand International 2017 deservingly.

Overall, I loved the production of the pageant and timely updates it provided every day. Miss Grand International Pageant is slowly on the verge of becoming one of the most noticed pageant of the world, where the participants number have reached up to 80 only in the span of five years. In short, hats off to the Organization for bringing up such a wonderful show.

What were your opinions and impressions about the grand finale of the Miss Grand International 2017? Do share with me in the comment section below! 🙂 Until then, stay tuned for more updates and reviews for the upcoming pageants like Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss World and Miss Universe.

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  1. Last time I checked, Haiti is not in Africa and there’s nowhere in Philippines’ response to the question that says she would visit a mental rehabilitation centre. A fair observation overall for this article although I would contest that the hosts did a pretty good job as they came across to be annoying at some point.

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