VOTE NOW! Who Should Win Miss International 2017?

People’s Opinion in Spotlight: Who Should Be Miss International 2017?

Miss International 2017 will be the 57th edition of the Miss International pageant, which is slated to take place on Tuesday , November 14 , 2017 in the Municipal Hall of the Tokyo Dome in the capital city of Japan. During the conclusion of the pageant, Kylie Verzosa from Philippines will pass on her crown to her successor as the new Miss International.


While only a month left for the crowning of new Miss International, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry welcomes all the pageant aficionados across the globe to express their opinions, as to who will walk home with the crown via this poll. Let the world know who is ruling the hearts of passionate pageant aficionados across the globe!🙂 [Meet The Contestants of Miss International 2017 HERE!!!]

The voting closes on November 13, 2016 at 12:00 AM, so hurry and make your favourite win this poll.

Meet The Contestants of Miss International 2017 HERE!!!

Have You Voted For Your Favorite Miss Universe 2017 Contestant Yet? If not VOTE NOW! RIGHT HERE!!!

194 thoughts on “VOTE NOW! Who Should Win Miss International 2017?

    • The past is nothing to do with the new Ethiopia.
      The new Ethiopia loaded with a peaceful peoples in the legendary
      The only African nation never colonized because we defeated the
      Europeans…First Africans to win gold in the Olympics. Only African
      nation with its own Alphabet – The country that practiced
      Christianity before Europeans and accept Islam before the Middle
      East !
      – The first country that started with the flag colors that everyone
      rocks without even knowing what it means ( Green, Yellow, Red)
      abd the origin of Rastafarianism
      – One of the few countries in the world that’s mentioned both in
      Bible and Quran…over 50 times
      – The country that is the origin of the coffee you drink,
      – The country with so much culture and spirituality that you can’t
      even comprehend !
      – Home to the earliest human sighting and human fossils on earth
      that date over millions of years old
      ( Lucy, Ardi etc ) Yes !!! Ethiopia, the Birth of the world The cradle of


  1. wish you the best my Ethiopian sister.I voted for you not just because you are an Ethiopian but you are absolutely Gorgeous and you do deserve it.


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