Miss United Continents 2017- Final Hotpicks and Concluding Thoughts!

Miss United Continents 2017: Final Predictions!

Miss United Continents 2017 grand finale is around the corner. With 33 countries competing for the title, the pageant is slated to culminate on September 23, 2017 in Ecuador. With only few days left for the crowning of new queen, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry here presents its final predictions on the result of Miss United Continents 2017.

1. India- Sana Dua



India’s thirst for the crown seems to end this year. With sending incredibly strong candidates to Miss United Continents pageant, India finally decided to send its first runner up to the said pageant this year.  Sana Dua, who not only possess a great body but also a charming personality is not just a crowd’s favourite but is also one of the most impressive woman in the batch. The crown probably is hers to lose!

2. Colombia- Yenniffer Hernández



Colombia is one of the most loved delegates this year, not just by the pageant fans but also by the critics. She has aced all the photoshoots and her impressive rampwalk skills and charming aura win the hearts.

3. Mexico- Roxana Reyes



One of the lovliest faces in the batch, Mexico is yet again strong at Miss United Continents. Roxana looks ethereal and fresh, and gives beaming vibes of her personality. Her vivacious aura steals the limelight.

4. Thailand- Aoom Phingchamrat



What a fierce lady! She is one of the shining stars in the batch and will definitely glimmer in the finals.

5. Panama- Paulette Sánchez



Paulette Sanchez, who owns a beautiful body and personality, is difficult to ignore. She has an impressive aura which makes her stand out in the crowd.

6. Ukraine- Alina Pigun



Graceful, elegant and stunning, Ukraine is truly a head turner in the batch. She is here to make her mark felt.

Semi-Finalists Potential Delegates:

  • Chile- Margaret Stevenson
  • Russia- Tatiana Tsimfer
  • Argentina- Cecilia Oriolani
  • Dominican Republic- Jeisy Rodriguez
  • Costa Rica- Karol Abarca

So these were The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry’s picks for Miss United Continents 2017 crown. Who are your favourites for the crown? Do share your opinions in the comment section below.

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