Miss International 2017: Meet The Contestants

Miss International 2017: Road To Crown!

Miss International 2017 will be the 57th edition of the Miss International pageant, which is slated to take place on Tuesday , November 14 , 2017 in the Municipal Hall of the Tokyo Dome in the capital city of Japan. During the conclusion of the pageant, Kylie Verzosa from Philippines will pass on her crown to her successor as the new Miss International.

kylie verzosa crowns her successor in tokyo november 14 2017

About 70 countries are expected for the title of Miss International this year. The delegates will begin arriving in Tokyo at the end of October. During the three weeks of pageant, the delegates will showcase their grace and proficiency at various pre-pageant activities and competitions. The delegates will also visit many Japanese television programs, along with going on a sightseeing in Tokyo and other cities Of Japan. Tokyo Dome Hotel will be the abode of the contestants during their stay at Miss International 2017 pageant.

65 candidates have been confirmed till date:

Who do you think will walk home with the crown of Miss International this year? Do share your opinions in the comment section below.

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22 Comments Add yours

  1. Jesse Aguinaldo says:

    I really like Miss Hawaii, she has a natural soft genuine appearance.


  2. dennis says:

    good luck Miss Philippines…..;)


  3. I wish Dany Dejan of Miss Moldova will win as Miss International 2017. She is so simple and very gorgeous woman.


  4. Yasmin Saleh Suleiman says:

    Where is miss Ethiopia


  5. Saron says:

    Good luck bamiya
    Good luck Ethiopia 💚💛❤


  6. Yousuf says:

    Where is miss Ethiopia


  7. Dawit says:

    Good luck miss Ethiopia


  8. Charlotte Ivanovich says:

    You forgot miss ethiopias picture, she’s still in the lead though 😊😍


  9. Mary says:

    Good luck miss Ethiopia 💚💛❤


  10. Fuye says:

    Miss Ethiopia 😍😍😍
    Good luck


  11. Muna says:

    Good luck miss Ethiopia. You are so beautiful ❤


  12. Meri says:

    Ethiopian beauty …wish u win


  13. beza says:

    Good luck miss ethiopia 💚💛❤


  14. Nigussie says:

    Surprising, where is miss Ethiopia


  15. Emran Hassen says:

    Good luck miss Ethiopia


  16. Sarka says:

    Czech Republic, she is very unusual and really beautiful.


  17. Samuel says:



  18. Tina Abrham says:

    Good luck miss Ethiopia 😘😘😘😘


  19. Samrawit desta says:

    Good luck miss Ethiopia ❤️❤️❤️


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