Cynthia Menard Crowned Miss World Canada 2017

Cynthia Menard To Represent Canada at Miss World 2017

Cynthia Menard from Ontario was crowned as Miss World Canada 2017 at the glittering grand finale on July 22, 2017 held at John Bassett Theatre Toronto, Ontario. She will now represent Canada at Miss World 2017 pageant in China this December. She succeeds Anastasia Lin as Miss World Canada and will be vying to take home the first Miss World crown.

Cynthia Menard.jpg


The coronation gala of Miss World Canada 2017 was judged by Terry Lee, Mark Ming, Cynthia Loewen, Joan Kelly, Ward Anderson, Bianca Teixera, Bahar Niramwalla, Erwyn Loewen, Maureen Fenn and Angeline McDonald.

Cynthia Menard defeated 56 other contestants to clinch the title of Miss World Canada 2017. During the same event, Karema Batotele was crowned as Miss Supranational Canada 2017 and Mattea Anderson was titled as Miss Intercontinental Canada 2017.

Miss World Canada 2017 Cynthia Menard

Cynthia’s predecessor, Anastasia Lin was not present at the event to crown her but she expressed her best wishes on her social media handle writing:

“Miss World Canada 2017 will take place on Saturday night, a new queen will be crowned. Although I will not be there tomorrow, I want to wish the new MWC the best of luck. As for myself, the past two years has been an amazing journey, I’m extremely honoured to have been your Miss World Canada. I am ready to embark on a new beginning in my life. Sky is no longer the limit! Thank you all very much for your love and support. I am truly grateful to have walked this journey with you!



For the last time, your Miss World Canada”

Do you think Canada can take home the crown of Miss World for the first time? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Cynthia Menard Crowned Miss World Canada 2017

  1. it was a managed event.the title holder was decided even before the finals started.
    she did not participate or win any regional social media appearances.less than a thousand public votes.
    walks into the final and walks out with the crown.
    presold in a bid I guess.
    gross injustice to all the girls that worked their asses off to get there.
    all money and time wasted


  2. it was a managed event.the the title holder was decided even before the finals started.
    she never participated in the regional social media posts. zero appearances.
    zero fundraising.
    less than a thousand votes from public.
    sold to the highest bidder I guess


  3. Hello, I loved reading this piece on Cynthia, I loved her to pieces our week together. Is there any way that you could please chance Mattea Anderson to Mattea HENDERSON.
    Henderson is my correct last name,

    Mattea Henderson
    Miss Intercontinental Canada 2017


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