Femina Miss India 2017: Final Predictions and Concluding Thoughts!

Femina Miss India 2017: Final Hotpicks

Femina Miss India 2017 is only few hours away and it could not be bigger, better and grander! It has been 17 years since India won the coveted Miss World crown and the thirst for the same is boiling up not only inside the Indian pageant fanatics but also beneath the Femina Miss India Organization. After searching the talented ladies in every nooks and corners of India, this year the Times Group came up with thirty state representatives who underwent extensive grooming and training sessions in last one month. Today is the day when the fate of three states is going to be sealed as India will witness three most beautiful women who will bear the sash of India at Miss World, Miss Grand International and Miss United Continents.

Since last three years I have been predicting the right winners of Femina Miss India which began with the victory of Koyal Rana followed by Aditi Arya and Priyadarshini Chatterjee. Today as I pen down my thoughts for the one last time as Femina Miss India 2017 concludes I feel extremely elated about the grand show that Femina Miss India has put up and excitement to see what fate has in the store for India, so without any further delay I hereby unfold my final predictions for Femina Miss India 2017.


top 3

1. Delhi- Maira Chowdhury

Maira Chowdhury is everything what Miss World Organization stands for! She is beautiful in her own way, genuine in her demeanour and speaks gracefully. With an enriching academic background, Maira not only comes across as intellectual persona but also as a genuine spokesperson of the Miss World virtues. Her “Beauty with a Purpose” project is worthy of being appreciated and I believe she is going to win this segment along with the main crown of Miss World India. If she wins the competition, she is definitely going to head far in Miss World 2017.

2. Haryana- Manushi Chhillar

Manushi Chhillar is not only photogenic and sweet by her very personality but also comes across as a sincere contestant. She is a keen learner and listener, the qualities which may compel the Femina Miss India Organization to give her a chance to represent India at Miss Grand International. If she goes on to win the pageant she can take ahead the legacy of Vartika Singh in the said pageant.

3. Maharashtra- Aishwarya Devan

Ask who is the prettiest contestant in the batch and Aishwarya Devan will win the game fair and square! The most beautiful contestant of the batch, Aishwarya seems humble and authentic. It would be unfair to waste this beautiful face. Apart from the beauty, she has the charm to ensnare million hearts. She speaks well and could be the first ever Miss United Continents from India.

Top 5

top 5

4. Jammu and Kashmir- Sana Dua

Sana was my pre-arrival favourite for Femina Miss India 2017 but as the competition has progressed she has tumbled in my prediction list. Sana has great caliber and has terrific stage presence, however she seems a bit raw and it shall be great if she could be saved for Miss Diva 2017. With a towering stature, good body and decent communication skills she can polish herself and come back with a bang.

5. Telangana- Simran Choudhary

Simran is congenial, talented, well spoken and is natural. She does not try too hard to come in spotlight and can be a head turner of the pageant if she cracks the Top 5 spot.

Top 10

top 9

6. Uttarakhand- Anukriti Gussain

Anukriti is a beautiful contestant to watch for in the batch. She has the experience and has an impeccable styling sense. Her only drawback is that she comes across as a bit rehearsed. However, having said that, who knows what fate might have in the store for this regal queen.

7. Punjab- Navpreet Kaur

Navpreet is stronger and better this year but the competition is even tighter. Navpreet has a great stage presence and she has won million hearts in her journey to Miss India crown but I do not see her winning the main crown.

8. West Bengal- Shivankita Dixit

This ethereal Bong beauty is a charmer. She knows how to turn heads. If saved for Miss Diva, Shivankita with her exotic beauty and photogenic face can be the face of India at Miss Supranational or even Miss Universe.

9. Arunachal Pradesh- Licha Thosum

Licha has proved herself to be the most pleasant surprise of the batch. When no one turned up to represent Arunachal Pradesh at Miss India, Licha came forward to be the pride of her state and she has done a commendable work. Eloquent, kind and soft, she cannot be ignored.

10. Kerala- Mannat Singh

With that adorable face, Mannat stands out in the crowd effortlessly. Save her for Miss Diva and she should come back with a better body and polished communication skills. She is a great find of Femina Miss India.


top 13

top 15





Tamil Nadu

So this wraps up my final review on Femina Miss India 2017, do share your favourites with me in the comment section below. See you tonight with all the updates! Stay Tuned. 🙂


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