VOTE NOW: Who Will Win Miss Teen USA 2017?

People’s Opinion in Spotlight: Who Should Win Miss Teen USA 2017?

Miss Teen USA 2017 will be 35th edition of the pageant which is slated to take place in the month of July. During the conclusion of the pageant, Karlie Hay from Texas will be crowning her successor as the new Miss Teen USA.

51 delegates from District of Columbia and other fifty states will be competing for the title of Miss Teen USA 2017. Meet the contestants vying for the crown of Miss Teen USA 2017.

Miss teen usa 2016

As the grand finale of Miss Teen USA 2017 is not so far, let’s play a game where you will act as a judge! The contestant who will receive the highest votes in this poll will be featured as a People’s Choice Winner at The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, considering she has won people’s hearts through her enchanting personality, and certainly owns the prowess to shine in the finals of Miss Teen USA 2017. So what are you waiting for, just hit the voting button before your favourite contestant and glasscase them before the world as the frontrunner of the enticing game of crown! So let’s find out who is ruling the hearts of the pageant aficionados.

The poll will close one day prior to the coronation night. Hurry! Make your favourite win!



9 thoughts on “VOTE NOW: Who Will Win Miss Teen USA 2017?

  1. Please ensure this poll is fair to everyone in that multiple votes a day should not be allowed, especially 100 to 200 votes every 15 to 30 minutes.


  2. It has been observed again this morning that 400 plus votes have been made in approximately a two hour time period to one contestant. THIS IS NOT FAIR TO OTHER CONTESTANTS!


  3. Please remove this poll! This is very very unfair. In a 45-minute time period this morning there was a difference in votes by 4,000 over any other contestant.


  4. I’m disheartened by the fussing over this poll. It’s for fun!! While one girl is in the lead by over 3,000, that’s only a 3% difference from the next girl. There is a lead of over 35,000 if you want to compare all the numbers and not just the top two. No-one is fussing about that. These kinds of polls are about networking! It’s the size of your support group, the number of people online, the commitment and time to vote, and more! One person gained 1,000 votes last night! I didn’t wake up fussing. Instead, I got to voting for my girl! This poll doesn’t impact the pageant itself so have fun with it! Don’t let it bother you or ask for it to be removed.


  5. Im sorry that you have become disheartened by someone taking the initiative to voice a concern. For polling votes to jump from 31,000….. votes to 35,000… votes in approximately a 45-minute time period, something is wrong! Nobody is being blamed for anything and I’m truly disheartened if you have that perception! Have you ever stopped to think that this could be a technical issue or even a more serious issue of the website being hacked, especially this day and time.

    I understand networking, no impact on the pageant and being bothered, you can spin it however, but what kind of example or merit do you think this sets for all the other contestants if it is not a technical issue or being hacked?

    Also, If the poll votes are merely for networking, what is the importance of having to gain being number 1 by over 4,000 votes in a 45-minute time period?


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