Femina Miss India 2017: Pre-Arrival Favourites and First Impression!

Femina Miss India 2017: First Hotpicks 

Femina Miss India 2017 is all set to kick off on May 29, 2017 and the delegates from different states have started their journey to reach the city of dreams, Mumbai, wherein the events and activities for the pageant will be conducted for about a month. Meanwhile, I am here with my pre-arrival favourites, which of course, is subject to fluctuate as we haven’t seen any introduction videos till now. So without any further delay, let’s unveil my early picks for the title of Femina Miss India 2017.

femina miss india 2017 first hotpicks

Top 4

My Top 4 picks for the title of Femina Miss India 2017 is a clean sweep for the north zone, comprising of Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

Sana Dua- Jammu & Kashmir

Now seeing Sana Dua in Top 4 might be a surprise for you, but this not much talked about beauty is definitely playing her cards well. The gorgeous delegate is already in Mumbai and looks superb in her candids along with her photoshoot pictures. She seems confident, royal and leaves an impression which is difficult to fade with passing time. I am definitely keeping an eye on this charismatic lady!

Maira Chowdhury- New Delhi

No surprise here, Maira Chowdhury is another gem Delhi has given to Femina Miss India after gifting personalities like Koyal Rana and Anukriti Gussain. Although the introduction videos of the contestants are not out yet, I came across a video shared by one of the sponsors for Femina Miss India during an event wherein Maira was found sharing her views. Maira speaks like a dream without beating the bush. Totally mesmerized by Delhi again!

Manushi Chhillar- Haryana

Manushi Chhillar is yet another wonderful find of Femina Miss India this year. Her soft and subtle beauty is undoubtedly her plus point but what also makes her commendable is her congenial aura. Her elegance is worth to be smitten for!

Navpreet Kaur- Punjab

You look at her and only one word strikes your mind! PERFORMER! The fact that she made it to Top 5 of Femina Miss India 2016 speaks volumes about her powerful aura. Navpreet has great stage presence and this year I am not seeing her settling less than a crown! She has come back with a bang!

Top 10

Anukriti Gussain- Uttarakhand

This effervescent beauty has gained maximum experience in the batch and is one of the most popular candidates among all. She is certainly one of the top notch performers in the batch and may clinch one of the titles this year.

Rody H Vanlalhritpuii- Mizoram

Incredibly royal facially, Rody never fails to impress! She is uber gorgeous, modelesque and has an impeccable styling sense. This magnanimous beauty does not need the help of photoshop or airbrush to look eye-catching. One of my sentimental favourites for the crown this year, I’ll be glad if this North East Indian beauty makes it far in the race of Femina Miss India crown.

Aishwarya Devan- Maharashtra

If there was a “Face of the Pageant” subtitle, Aishwarya Devan would have won it fair and square. Aishwarya has a charming persona and stands out in the batch effortlessly.

Telangana- Simran Choudhary

Simran is a dynamic personality and has an effervescent smile to make thousand heads turn!  She is incredibly talented and has a down to earth personality. With the aura that is all encompassing, she is bound to make an everlasting impression in the competition.

Shivankita Dixit- West Bengal

She is one of the most underrated contestants in the batch! Her bang on fit body and graceful gestures might go unnoticed by many, but is definitely going to do wonders as she competes for the title of Femina Miss India 2017.

Shefali Sood- Uttar Pradesh

With a tremendously well worked upon “Beauty with a Purpose” project and conviction to foray in the competition, Shefali as of now comes across as one of the most hardworking delegates. Shefali has done her homework well and her social media management just gives a glimpse of her versatile personality.

Top 16

Vinali Bhatnagar- Chattisgarh

Not much has been known about Vinali, but her alluring pictures have been the talk of pageant town since the day she won her state title. As of now, she has been on the right track.

Mannat Singh- Kerala

Having earned great modelling experience, Mannat looks great in candids as well as in photoshoots. She knows her angels well and her gorgeous face just adds up more sparkle to her appearance. Apart from that, if she reduces a little, she shall be a force to reckon with.

Sherlin Seth- Tamil Nadu

Extremely poised in her stature and incredibly fierce by her very aura, Sherlin’s modelesque personality is something to be in love with. She is smart and has made waves before in the pageant world before she claimed her state title.

Shrishti Vyakaranam- Andhra Pradesh

Having competed in Miss Diva formerly, Shrishti has the advantage of knowing her flaws from the organization which has already judged her. Hence, this year this beauty is back with a bang having worked over her drawbacks. She has a great walk and decent stage presence and might go far in the race of Femina Miss India 2017.

Priyanka Kumari- Bihar

Priyanka’s key to shine is her smooth and flawless ramp walk skills, which was clearly evident during the coronation gala of Femina Miss India East 2017. Priyanka is bubbly and humble and her congeniality can make her one of the shining gems in Femina Miss India 2017.

Audrey D’Silva- Goa

She is an all rounder! A fascinating Youtubber by profession, Audrey has a sparkling and lively personality to shine as she competes in the pageant. Having commendable modelling experiences in past, she has great scope to shine if she plays her cards well.

So these are my pre-arrival favourites for the title of Femina Miss India 2017. Did your favourite make it to the list? If not share your picks for the crown along with your exciting opinions! Until then, see you! 🙂

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