An Interview With Simran Choudhary- Femina Miss India Telangana 2017 Finalist

In a Conversation With Simran Choudhary

Femina Miss India 2017 has kicked off with all spark with its extravagant state auditions going on all across the nooks and corners of India, and joining the battle of Femina Miss India 2017 crown is Simran Choudhary, who is vying to be crowned as Femina Miss India Telangana 2017.

Simran Choudhary, who is a dance enthusiast is also passionate about horse riding and basketball. This beauty is keen on raising the voice for the voiceless by contributing to the charitable trusts standing against animal abuse. Let’s know this diva even better via this exclusive interview.


Hello Simran! Many many congratulations for making it to the finalist spot of Miss Telangana 2017. How are you feeling right now?

Thank you so much. I feel extremely happy and honoured to have been given this opportunity. I have worked for this for as long as I can remember and it feels amazing to get one step closer to my dream. I’m taking it all in one day at a time and enjoying every minute of it.

How are gearing yourself up for the coming auditions? Any insights to your preparations or future goals?

Beauty pageants are not just about looking good on the outside but also about feeling good on the inside. I don’t want to overwhelm myself and miss out on the beautiful experience that this can be. I meditate and do things that I love to keep my heart and soul happy. Besides that I believe fitness is not a phase and it’s a lifestyle and thus I haven’t found the need to alter my schedule too much. Fitness has always been a part of my life, be it going to the gym regularly, practicing yoga, playing basketball or dancing. I don’t believe in fad diets and I eat in moderation. As far as my future goals are concerned, I wish to make a mark in world cinema someday.

Who is your biggest inspiration and how has he/she helped you to strive the challenges that have come your way?

I find inspiration in my daily encounters with people. There are so many people I have come across in my existence on this planet and they have all inspired me in different ways that have made me the person I am today.

What quality do you think makes you different from other contestants?

Every girl is beautiful and amazing in her own way and we’ve all made it this far because we’re unique and we all have what it takes to make it. That said, I have worked in front of the camera quite a few times and I do not shy away from it. The fact that I’m comfortable and confident in front of it is what sets me apart from the other contestants.


If you go on to win Miss Telangana, how will you use your title and platform in your future endeavours?

It would be a huge honour and a responsibility if I happen to win this title. As we all know Telangana is a new born state and not a lot of people are aware of this fact. I would use my title to spread more awareness about the existence of my state, it’s culture, various issues concerning my state and make people aware of how beautiful a state Telangana is.

How confident are you about winning this title?

I know I have what it takes to make it and we’re all a work in progress and I’m willing to work on myself with each passing day.

Tell us something about your leisure pursuits and your veiled personality.

I have been a dance enthusiast my entire life. Dance is where I draw my creative energy from. It is the biggest part that defines my personality. Not a day goes by without me listening to music. I also enjoy reading books, playing basketball and riding horses. With regards to my personality,  I am extremely ambitious. I have the audacity to dream big, but I also possess the humility to work towards achieving them. I have always given everything I take up a 100%, be it academics or extracurricular activities or following my passion. I am sensitive, compassionate, honest and I treat people the way I’d like to be treated.

As you know, Miss World rests its prominent focus on the “Beauty with a Purpose” project. What will be your BWAP Project for Femina Miss India 2017, if you’re chosen as one of the Top 30 finalists?

I have always felt strongly about working towards the welfare of animals. Animals don’t have a voice except the one that humans raise on their behalf. Another cause that I believe is close to my heart is education for everybody. I strongly believe education is important because it gives people the skills and tools that they need to navigate through the world and nobody should be robbed of this right.

Have you started working over your “Beauty with a Purpose” project? How are you raising funds and awareness for your project?

Yes, I have. I have been associated with Blue Cross for quite some time now. It is an Animal welfare organisation. We work towards rescuing animals and housing them in foster care. I volunteer there and help the staff with various things. If I happen to win the title I can use my voice to spread more awareness about our cause and get people to adopt puppies instead of shop. Also, I’m working towards collecting enough funds to be able to open up my own animal shelter someday.

What do you think is the most important quality every beauty queen should possess and why?

I believe every beauty queen should possess the ability to be herself in every situation and be true to her principles & morals and empower other women around her.


What incident in your life made you realize about your passion in pageantry? Who assured you that beauty pageants are totally your cup of tea?

My initial motivation was my career choice and my journey so far has made me realise that I owe it to myself to give this a shot and experience this beautiful journey that is FBB Colors Femina Miss India 2017. I’ve also grown up watching women all over the world speak their mind and make a difference and get empowered through their journey in pageantry. Another reason that motivates me to do this is the fact that this gives me an opportunity to represent my state and my country at a national and international level respectively. My friends and my family have always believed in me and I would not want to lose out on an opportunity to make them proud.

What message would you like to give to The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and your fans reading this interview?

I would like to thank The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry for letting me speak my mind. It is heartwarming to see that you’ve created a platform where people get to know more about what beauty pageants can offer and how they can help empower girls all over the world.

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