Will Miss World Crown Finally Go To Americas After 5 Years?

Road To Miss World 2016: Meet The Beauties From Americas

Five years since the Miss World crown went to the Americas. Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela was the last contestant from the Americas continent to take home the crown of Miss World. Since then, no delegates from Americas have tasted the Miss World triumph. This year with a nerve wrecking battle ongoing for the crown, I am here with my top picks for the Miss World crown from the continent of Americas! 🙂 So let’s get started!

Dominican Republic- Yaritza Reyes Ramirez

Who could forget this charming beauty from Miss Universe 2013? Yaritza was a Top 10 semi-finalist at Miss Universe 2013 and has been remembered as a terrific model, who holds an ‘x’ factor to stand out in the crowd! Full of life and vitality, I could see this lovely lady placing high at Top Model round and Talent Round, thanks to her impressive modeling stint and love for music expressed via singing and playing guitar. She also teaches in a nun school apart from being a marvelous motivational speaker, and hence I reckon she surely has a great story to tell in the closed door interview. Thumbs up from my side!

Guatemala- Melanie Jeanett Espina Luna

Full of life, vibrancy and spark, I love the aura of this beautiful lady to the core! Melanie could surely garner a placement to her country if she plays her cards well. She has got the face, spunk to shine out in the crowd and caliber to deliver when needed.

Mexico- Ana Girault

It has been a really really long wait for Mexico to have its first Miss World crown, and there cannot be any lovelier lady than Ana Girault! Being an exceptionally good model at runway, the Top Model Round shall come as a cakewalk for this lovely Mexican woman. Working as a PR Manager since eight years, this gorgeous delegate is not merely confident while interacting but also comes across as a woman of substance. She is also a sports enthusiast and hence I am expecting a great finish from Ana Girault in almost every fastrack segment.

Panama-Alessandra Bueno

Energetic, adventurous and ready to take up all the challenges thrown on her way, Alessandra Bueno can definitely do well in all fastrack events to grab a place in the quarter-finals of Miss World pageant. She has got a personality that speaks for her gorgeous face.

Puerto Rico- Stephanie Del Valle

Trending on the social media right from the day of her crowning at Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2016, Stephanie is a highly optimistic person you would like to see at Miss World this year. A responsible person by heart, she is highly determined to take home the crown this year. She has been sincerely following her passion for fine arts since the age of 4. Currently, she is working to uplift the underprivileged children and this will surely take her a long way in the Beauty with a Purpose segment. A Law and Communications student, she is also a great model, all set to ace the Top Model Round. At present she is locked in Top 10 for me! 🙂

Bolivia- Leyda Lourdes Suarez Aldana

This lovely lady has one of the most unique and significant “Beauty with a Purpose”. She is using dance as a means to cure the uterine cancer amongst women of her society, as it is quite a common disease in Bolivia. She plays violin, sings and also dances. I believe with her breathtaking personality, she can ace the Talent and “Beauty with a Purpose” Fastrack events.

Brazil- Beatrice Fontura

Brazil can never be underestimated at Miss World. Since past five years, Brazil has been placing consecutively at Miss World pageant, and this year the prospects too seem quite likely. Beatrice Fontura is a professional model with striking personality, magnificent oomph and vava-voom aura, I am surely rooting for another placement for Brazil this year.

Chile- Antonia Cristal Alvarado 

Another talented contestant in the sea of talents at Miss World this year! 🙂 A professional violin player, Antonia is also proficiently trained in marshal arts. Expect a good Talent Round placement for Chile this year!

Ecuador- Mirka Paola Cabrera Mazzini

A resilient, suave yet highly optimistic woman, I can see the spark this beautiful lady’s eyes embody. A teacher and model by profession, Mirka is also a singer and has won many beauty pageants former to winning her biggest title, which ultimately gave her the ticket to represent Ecuador at Miss World pageant. She defines sports as her life, and I am quite sure of her great performance at Sports and Talent Round apart from “Beauty with a Purpose” segment.

United States of America- Audra Mari

And who can forget this beautiful host delegate, Audra Mari? Audra Mari calls sports her life as she is extremely well trained in soccer and volley ball. She has great communication skills and is great at ramp. She is also a Television Presenter and a professional model, and this is why I see her performing exceptionally good at Top Model Round and Closed Door Interview. Of course, being the host delegate will make the prospects work in her favor.

So the battle is truly going to be a fierce one, and the fact that United States of America is hosting the pageant, makes it even more exciting for all the Americas contestants vying to wear the coveted Miss World crown. Who is going to bag the highest placement from Americas at Miss World 2016? Will Americas finally win its Miss World crown after five years? Do share your opinions and favourites in the comment section below, and I would love to hear them all. Till next post, see you! 🙂

Stay tuned for more reviews and exciting scoops of Miss World pageant. Meanwhile, do not forget to vote for your favourite Miss World 2016 contestant right here at this link.

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One thought on “Will Miss World Crown Finally Go To Americas After 5 Years?

  1. I hope Philippines can win again the Miss World !!! Let us vote for Philippines!!
    Philippines is the beauty pageant powerhouse!!!!! Go!!!
    We won the Miss International 2016 already!! Go for Miss Supranational and Miss Universe!!!


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