Meet The Queens of Miss India Exquisite 2016

Miss India Exquisite 2016 Winners!

Held in Mapple Exotica, Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi on November 10, 2016, India Exquisite Pageant 2016 was a spectacular extravaganza. Headed by Rajni Subba, the pageant celebrated womanhood by crowning beautiful ladies of all ages, sizes and ethnic groups.

Miss India Exquisite 2016.jpg

During the coronation gala of Exquisite India Pageant 2016, Shinata Chauhan was crowned as Teen India Exquisite 2016-17, Tanwi Dixit was adjudged as Miss India Exquisite 2016-17, Hemal Ingle was titled as Miss India Exquisite-Queen for a Cause 2016-17, Sunita Jakhar was announced as Mrs India Exquisite 2016-17 and Meenu Mahajan was declared as Mrs India Exquisite-Queen for a Cause 2016-17.

The pageant was judged by Ajjay Mehrra, Poonam Segal, Deepak Sonavani, Yogita Singh, Sumita Dass, Manoj Avana, Mamta Arya, Sensei Vishal Jaiswal, Bhavna Bajaj and Vagisha Mishra.

judges and winners india exquisite pageant 2016.jpg

The contestants at first competed in the introduction round wherein they introduced themselves to the judges and audience. Thereafter they vied in the Fitness Round, where the emphasis was not merely made on the physical fitness but also on the confidence they exhibited while walking the runway. This segment was followed by Evening Gown Round and the Final Question and Answer Round, subsequently the winners were announced to the audience.

The crowned Exquisite Queens will now represent India in Baltimore, United States of America in 2017.

The pageant stood for a wonderful advocacy, that is, to celebrate the womanhood irrespective of age, size, color or race. The pageant was truly an extravagant success!

For More Pictures From The Event Click Here!

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