Anna Lara Orlowska is Miss World Iceland 2016

Anna Lara Orlowska Crowned Miss Iceland 2016

Anna Lara Orlowska was crowned as Miss Iceland 2016 on August 29, 2016. Anna Lara Orlowska succeeds Arna Yr Jonsdottir, Miss World Iceland 2015 and and will now represent Iceland at Miss World 2016, hoping to be crowned by Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain.


During the coronation gala, Elfa Rut Gisladottir was announced as Miss World Sport, Donna Cruz was awarded Miss People’s Choice Award, Hulda Margret Siguroardottir won Miss Talent and Anita Osp Ingolfsdottir was titled as Miss Top Model.

Iceland has three Miss World crowns till date, and the newly crowned Miss Iceland, Anna Lara Orlowska is expecting to bring home the fourth crown.

Meet The Contestants of Miss World 2016 Here!

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