An Exclusive Interview With Galina Mihaylova, Miss World Bulgaria 2016

In A Conversation With Galina Mihaylova Miss World Bulgaria 2016

Galina Mihaylova, who was recently crowned as Miss World Bulgaria 2016 is every inch a beauty queen. Spontaneous, vivacious and full of life, Galina is all set to put her best foot forward in her journey to Miss World 2016.

Lately, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry got a beautiful occasion to interact with the sparkling beauty wherein she revealed her agendas, dreams and prospects regarding Miss World 2016. Let’s have a deeper view of Galina’s personality.


Heartiest congratulations, Galina for winning the coveted title of Miss World Bulgaria 2016. How does it feel as a newly crowned beauty queen?

I feel the luckiest girl in Bulgaria at the moment, I am truly honoured to be able to represent Bulgaria in the Miss World finals this year in Washington. A few people realise what a responsible job is that!

Please tell us more about your veiled personality, something which your fans are not aware about.

As a former professional tennis player, I have built a strong character which helps me to stay positive even in difficult moments, and being able to always find something instructive in every situation!

Do you think winning a prestigious crown like Miss World Bulgaria has initiated any differences in your life?

Definitely, I have many more responsibilities at the moment. In addition to working a full time job and doing voluntary work in my free time, I am now in the process of doing my best to prepare well for the fast track competitions.

Miss World is worldwide known for its sincerity and is warmly accepted by many nations to be a prime one. However, it is full of challenges and assesses the potential of the contestants in the most intricate way possible, by observing the girls through Sports Round, Communication Skills, Top Model Round, “Beauty with a Purpose” Project, Multimedia Round and Talent Round. Which amongst this is your forte, where you are hoping to give your exceptionally well performance?

I have graduated with Politics and International Relations from one of the leading British universities, and being involved in charity projects is not only my passion, but also a part of my work experience until now. The BWAP is truly important for me, so I feel professionally prepared for that part. In addition, I am an ex-tennis player, so I would expect to do well at the Sports Round. I have a few other things I am working on, but I will leave it as a surprise.

What will your “Beauty with a Purpose” Project reflect? Have you started working over it?

I have already started to actively work on it. My Beauty with a Purpose project is about Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention. It is an issue of global significance that needs a serious attention. It is also a topic that has been extremely relevant to the region I am coming from, since Eastern European countries have been seriously affected by the second largest criminal activity in the world.

Who is your most ideal beauty queen, who has motivated you to evolve as a beauty queen herself?

That is always the most difficult question, because each of them have their unique personal qualities that I deeply admire. I admire people that possess strong character, charisma and chose a career path that will help many people. I am a big supporter of Mireia Laguna and also Rolene Strauss, an extremely strong contestant, by being one of the Top 20 in Top Model contest, Top 10 in Beauty with a Purpose and third place winner in Sports challenge.


Bulgaria is yet to win the Miss World crown. How challenging do you think will be the Miss World 2016 pageant for you?

Looking at the contestants that have been chosen until now, I think that Miss World 2016 will be a strong Miss World edition indeed. It will be really challenging for me, but this thought motivates me, to do my best.

What are your prime agendas at present? How are you gearing yourself up for Miss World 2016 pageant?

My prime agenda is to be well prepared for the competitions, which takes a lot of discipline and good organizational skills on a daily basis, so I keep calm and stay focused!

If you go on to win the Miss World crown for Bulgaria, how would you use the Miss World platform?

I would make my dream come true and become a person, capable to raise awareness to important charity causes and alongside with that – a worthy ambassador of my beautiful country around the world.

What message would you like to give to your fans reading this interview?

Hi everyone, from my 26 year old perspective, I can say that I am now feeling prepared in terms of both, life and work experience to represent my country and my charity cause in the best possible way! Thank you all for your support!

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