Pia Sutaria From India Is Reina Petite Intercontinental 2016

India Wins Reina Petite Intercontinental 2016

Pia Sutaria from India was crowned as Reina Petite Intercontinental 2016 on August 17, 2016 at the Holiday Inn in San Jose, Costa Rica. This is the first time any Asian or Indian has acquired this title.

pia sutaria.jpg

During the coronation gala of Reina Petite Intercontinental, Pia Sutaria also bagged the subtitles of Best in Bikini, Best in Behaviour and Miss Talent. Pia Sutaria is also a dancer by profession and works at Navdhara India Dance Theatre as the Contemporary Dance trainer. Hailing from the city of Mumbai, Pia Sutaria is 20 years old.

Pia Sutaria was sent to Reina Petite Intercontinental pageant through Abraxas’ Goddess of Beauty Pageant.

At the same event, Daniela Rodríguez from Chile was crowned as Reina Miss Intercontinental 2016.

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