Miss Diva 2016- First Hotpicks and Initial Analysis!

Miss Diva 2016: First Leaderboard 

Miss Diva 2016 is around the corner and I am here with my seven top picks for the coveted crown of Miss Universe India 2016. Like the former Miss Universe from India, Lara Dutta said during the press release that the organization is looking for a girl with gumption, who has a backbone of steel, I am very sure that like other countries’ titleholders this year will witness a dark horse slaying the competition in an outstanding way, giving the major front runners a run for money.

Miss Diva 2016 is interesting in a sense that the patterns have totally changed at the Miss Universe pageant with the advent of WME/IMG and the country is yet to prove its mettle after the dark and hollow stint of last year. With only 19 days left for the new Miss Universe India to be crowned, I am here with my first hotpicks for Miss Diva 2016 after watching all the introduction videos, photoshoot and candid pictures alongside assessing behind the scenes videos. To arrange the lovely women into ranking was tough until I got hold of the video covering the red carpet event of Miss Diva 2016 Promo Launch, which gave me a lucid picture of the contestants’ candid personality. So here goes my preference for the crown!

1. Natasha Bharadwaj

Natasha Bharadwaj

Natasha may not fit in the tag of so called “front runner” but she is here to slay the competition and it shows not just once or twice but every time you get the glimpse of her. It is 2016! The year where all the trends are taking new shapes! While Philippines and USA have already crowned dark horses as their representatives for Miss Universe pageant, where Maxine Medina and Deshauna Barber came out of the blue and walked home with the crowns with splendour, I must say Natasha could also give other front runners a huge run for money! We are living in the era where modishness weighs more than phony beauty and that is why she is my pick for the crown.

Now coming to the question, why would she prove a perfect representative of India at Miss Universe? The first time when I noticed Natasha was in her introduction video, and she was wonderfully spontaneous! It has been years since we saw an unprompted, natural yet rooted beauty winning the Miss India crown. She speaks from heart but is composed in her mind. She does belong to the league of Parvathy Omanakuttan and Manasi Moghe. Like I said in my former article, she does not try too hard and is effortlessly alluring. Then came the swimsuit portrait! Natasha yet again dazzled with her well toned body and fierce aura!

Subsequently, the next time Natasha caught my attention was during the red carpet event of Miss Diva 2016 Promo Launch. Unlike other girls, Natasha was superbly confident and dealt with the shutterbugs in a poised way, I loved her personality. She was smart, modest yet seemed humble in her composure. Ultimately, Natasha won my heart when I saw her talent performance video. Bang on! She is the complete package! With great communication skills, glittering body and terrific composure, she is not going to settle down less than the crown if she continues to play her cards well.

2. Heena Bhalla

Heena Bhalla

The reason why I love Heena’s personality is her focussed attitude and positive approach towards Miss Diva 2016 crown. She is not here for Bollywood and is a great model. If she goes to Miss Supranational pageant, she will prove India’s valour by following the triumphant footsteps of Aafreen Vaz and Asha Bhat. She is tall, modelesque and indeed a very smart woman. Her immaculate dressing sense and remarkable composure is what makes her the mega favourite for the crown! If only she had a suave body, she was the clear winner of the pageant.

3. Sakshama Srivastav

Sakshama Srivastava

Sakshama’s biggest asset is her vivacious personality. She is lively and highly energetic. Despite of her short height, she stands out in the group photos and videos, and that is what makes her an unmatchable candidate. She speaks well, is chic in her styling sense and has a personality to stand out in the crowd!

4. Srinidhi Shetty

Srinidhi Shetty

If you want to learn how to kill with simplicity ask Srinidhi. An elegantly poised lady, who is humble, smart and fierce at the same time! Not only does she speak well, she has also a spectacular body to die for! Srindhi Shetty is incredibly different from the girl next door prototype. She subtly strategizes her game plan without seeming to try too hard, and is indisputably walking on the right path.

5. Roshmitha Harimurthy

Roshmitha Harimurthy

In a rough and tough batch, Roshmitha may seem silent but not lost in the quest for crown. She is surely locked in the Top 7 spot. Winning maximum number of subtitles in the former stint at Femina Miss India alongside being Top 5 finalists at the same makes her an already polished and praiseworthy choice for the crown. She is elegant and has got a calm personality, things which are certainly working in her favour.

6. Aradhana Buragohain

Aradhana Buragohain

Aradhana is much more prepared and determined this time. In her transition from Femina Miss India 2016 to Miss Diva 2016, the beauty has evolved beautifully. She seems much more confident and bold than the last time. Her adorable smile and fierce aura makes her one to watch for!

7. Muskan Deria

Muskan Deria

A lovely face and a modelesque aura, Muskan is surely a head turner in the game of Miss Universe India 2016.

Who do you think has the potential to win the Miss Universe India 2016 crown and take India to a glorious level at Miss Universe 2016 pageant?

Also  tell The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, who is your favourite to win the title of Miss Universe India 2016 in this poll right here. The voting ends on September 2, 2016 at 12:00 AM, so hurry and make your favourite win the poll!

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