Who Nailed The First Official Photoshoot of Miss Diva: A Review

Miss Diva 2016: A Glimpse To First Official Photoshoot 

Miss Diva 2016, which is slated to conclude on September 3, 2016, has released the first official photoshoot portraits of the finalists competing to win the title of Miss Universe India 2016. The sixteen gorgeous finalists of Miss Diva 2016 were photographed by Waseem Khan in shimmering gowns designed by Ramona Narang, Narendra Kumar, Shivan & Naresh and Kristy De Cunha.

Like every year, I am here with my review on the first official portraits of Miss Diva finalists. As I said in my former article, this batch screams potential and the official portraits absolutely seem to do complete justice to the statement.

Waseem Khan has brilliantly captured the beauty of Miss Diva finalists with a regal backdrop at the rear. The entire feel of the picture is majestic and royal, and very much different to the repetitive photoshoots we have been seeing at Miss India since last few years. The contestants are styled very well, dolled up in an elegant way. The ladies look chic, sober and eye-catching without seeming to try too hard.  Now coming to five incredible ladies who caught my attention in their first official photoshoot for Miss Diva 2016! So here we go!

Aradhana Buragohain

Aradhana Buragohain.jpg

Dressed up in a beautiful gown by Kristy De Cunha, Aradhana seems much more confident and polished in Miss Diva 2016 after her Femina Miss India 2016 stint. The expression she reflects in the picture simply screams out “Confidently Beautiful”. Poised and composed, Aradhana slays this shot unquestionably!

Heena Bhalla

Heena Bhalla

Shining beautifully in Kristy De Cunha gown, Heena looks like a queen in this photoshoot. Her body language is remarkable and the expressions she portrays are outstanding! She is poised and striking. Having that being said, Heena needs to put off some weight to be an unmatchable candidate. As we all know, if it is Miss Universe pageant we can never ignore the notion of having a bikini perfect body!

Roshmita Harimurthy

Roshmitha Harimurthy

Roshmita Harimurthy looks lovely in yet another beautiful gown by Kristy De Cunha. As a graceful woman who knows to carry off her class in a subtle way, Roshmitha seems serene, calm yet unassailable in this photoshoot.

Muskan Deria

Muskan Deria

Dressed in an evening gown by Narendra Kumar, Muskan Deria looks chic yet elegant in this photoshoot. She looks effortlessly beautiful, without trying too hard. Her spontaneity gives her an upper hand.

Tanishq Sharma

Tanishq Sharma

That delicate smile and those poised hands grab the eye balls in this picture. Tanishq Sharma slays the photoshoot in this lovely evening gown by Kristy De Cunha. Her eyes seem to do all the talking here, and clearly she is enjoying the shutterbugs session!

Here are the official photographs of all the contestants. Have a look!

Also, do not forget to tell The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, who is your favourite to win the title of Miss Universe India 2016 in this poll right here. The voting ends on September 2, 2016 at 12:00 AM, so hurry and make your favourite win the poll!

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Picture Credits: Miss Diva Offical Website



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