Contemplating Over Miss Diva 2016 Batch: A Review

An Estimation of Miss Diva 2016 Batch 

And after a long wait Miss Diva 2016 is on! Miss Diva 2016 in its fourth edition is going to be grander and greater. The winner of Miss Diva represents India at Miss Universe pageant, hence the magnitude of this pageant is palpable. Unlike last year, when the pageant was held in October, this edition of Miss Diva would be longer and would be concluded by September first week. So on your demand my dear readers, I here come up with the review on Miss Diva 2016 batch and the first impressions about this edition of the pageant.

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Miss Diva pageant has always been known for producing remarkable set of winners. Be it Manasi Moghe, who proved India’s mettle at the Miss Universe pageant by placing as the Top 10 finalist or be it Asha Bhat, who brought home the first Miss Supranational crown, the alma mater of Miss Diva is filled with shimmering ladies who made India proud at their respective international pageants. However, 2015 was an atypically unfortunate exception. Last year, Miss Diva 2015, Urvashi Rautela was not able to make her place in the semi-finalists spot of Miss Universe 2015 pageant, adding to it, none of the runner ups represented India at any international pageant.

But after a dark and hollow year, India is back with a fine batch. The batch as a whole is an upgrade from the last year batch. Unlike last year where we witnessed only three four frontrunners, this year we have more number of ladies who could earn India a decent placement at different international platforms. To say if India can potentially win the Miss Universe crown with this batch would be too early to predict as we are yet to see the interview videos of the batch, alongside seeing them strutting the runway. But India should have a sigh of relief, as this year the contestants are not purely raw and can certainly earn a placement at Miss Universe pageant.

The batch has three crossovers contestants with Aradhana Buragohain, Monisha Ramesh and Roshmitha Harimurthy and the pageant enthusiasts are happy to see them back once again.

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The batch is competitive and my gut feeling says we could see many surprise elements as the days pass by. Alankrita Bora, Ishita Sachdeva and Heena Bhalla would be clear front runners for the Miss Diva crown in my opinion. Up till this point of time we haven’t seen any interview videos, swimsuit portraits or the runway skills of any of the candidates, hence the opinion is clearly tentative. All three women seem poised, composed and elegant, and they could be trained well for Miss Universe pageant.

Provided the representative of Miss Supranational is still not announced indicates to the possibility that the runner up of Miss Diva might be declared as Miss Supranational India. The set of front runners, who possess the prowess to shine at Miss Supranational pageant, would be Sakshma Srivastav, Aayushi Arora and Muskan Deria.

Apart from these pretty ladies, Tanishq Sharma, Srinidhi Shetty, Aradhana Buragohain and Monisha Ramesh are also resolute to make the competition quite intense with their flair.

At this stage, the competition is bang on!


Roshmitha Harimurthy, who asserted her calibre by claiming the Top 5 finalist spot at Femina Miss India 2015, is certainly one to watch for. She has got the experience, and her winning maximum number of subtitles at the said pageant underlines the fact that she is not going to settle down less than a Top 5 position.


Miss Diva 2016 should now walk in line with the pattern of Miss Universe pageant. The contestants should be exposed to multitude of photoshoots and should be strictly judged on the basis of top notch interview skills, spontaneous personality and great runway skills. Since it is Miss Universe pageant, India should not take any risk and crown a lady who is already perfect to work harder in the right direction. Winning Miss Universe crown or even earning a placement at the said pageant is not a cakewalk. It requires intense training sessions and passionate determination to achieve the goal.

Apart from that, the contestants must be judged in the preliminary pageant with swimsuit, evening gown and interview rounds. The organization must narrow down the semi-finalists right after the preliminaries and on the finale day, the girls must undergo the real competition by competing in swimsuit, evening gown and interview round.

There should be two interview rounds like Miss Universe pageant. And the format should strictly adhere to the pattern of Miss Universe pageant.

After the winners are crowned they should be exposed to various press conferences, so that their public speaking skills and confidence could be enhanced to a more brilliant level. The winners should be down to earth and should not own the air of hypocrisy or phony attitude. The Miss Diva winner should be modest, smart and confident, with great communication skills and a warmly congenial aura.


With this I conclude my review on Miss Diva 2016 batch. Do not forget to share your opinions on the review, and also let me know who is your favourite for Miss Diva 2016 crown! The first hotpicks as you have requested would be released once the interview videos and swimsuit portraits are out!  Till then, see you! 🙂

Vagisha Mishra

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