Thata Kenosi is Miss Botswana 2016

Thata Kenosi is Miss World Botswana 2016

Thata Kenosi was crowned Miss World Botswana 2016 on July 29, 2016 in the 50th edition of Miss Botswana. Thata Kenosi succeeds Miss World Botswana 2015, Seneo Mabengano and will now represent Botswana in the coming edition of Miss World, hoping to succeed Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain as the next titleholder.

miss world botswana 2016.jpg

During the coronation night of Miss Botswana 2016, Bonnie Kamona was adjudged as the first runner up and Princess Phatsimo Baoagi was titled as the first runner up. The grand finale show of Miss Botswana 2016 was hosted by Loungo Andre Pitse Kingbee and Ratie Kefitlhile.

Botswana made its debut at the Miss World pageant in 1964. However since its participation the country has not managed to win the first Miss World crown yet. Emma Walreus is the highest placement holder from Botswana, as she was titled the first runner up at Miss World 2010 when Alexandria Mills of the United States was crowned as Miss World.

Karabo Sampson is the last placement from Botswana at Miss World pageant. Karabo Sampson placed as Top 20 semi-finalist apart from placing as Top 24 at Miss World Sports and Top 30 at Beauty with a Purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Thata Kenosi is Miss Botswana 2016

  1. Batho wee, how did she win, her skull is empty, she brags about wealth that she did not work for? These are the people who will definitely fight for BOSWA with brothers and sisters. Poor soul, you cant participate at Ms World.


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