Beatrice Fontoura is Miss World Brazil 2016

Beatrice Fontoura Crowned Miss Mundo Brasil 2016

Beatrice Fontoura from Goias was crowned as Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 on June 25, 2016. Beatrice Fontoura succeeds Miss World Brazil 2015, Catharina Choi Nunes, who was also a Top 20 semi-finalist at Miss World 2015 held in Sanya, China last December.

miss brazil world 2016

Beatrice Fontoura will now compete at Miss World 2016 in United States in the coming December, hoping to succeed Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain as next Miss World.

At the same event, Isabele Pandini from São Paulo was adjudged as the first runner up, Renata Sena from Mato Grosso was titled as the second runner up, Stephany Pim from Espírito Santo was announced as the third runner up and Samen Dos Santos from Pampa Gaucho was declared as the fourth runner up.

Miss Mundo Brasil 2016

Brazil has won the Miss World crown only once through Lúcia Tavares Petterle, who was crowned as Miss World 1971. Brazil has been placing consecutively at Miss World since last five years and holds a great sash factor at the said pageant.

Complete Results

Top 16 Semi-Finalists-

  1. Minas gerais (Mariana Vieira)
  2. Mato grosso do sul (Renata Sena)
  3. Encantos do sul (Francielly Ouriques)
  4. Goiás (Beatrice Fontoura)
  5. Pernambuco (Leidyane Vasconcelos)
  6. Pampa gaucho (Samen Dos Santos)
  7. Ilha da Pintada (Jheniffer Ev)
  8. Ilha dos lobos (Gabriela Oliveira Fruhauf)
  9. Ilhas de búzios (Vitoria Felix)
  10. Rio grande do sul (Caroline Venturini)
  11. Ceará (Raira Cendi)
  12. Espírito santo (Stephany Pim)
  13. São Paulo (Isabele Pandini)
  14. Paraná (Taynara Gargantini)
  15. Missões (Muriel Prestes)
  16. Pantanal (Kelly Sendy Andrade Mattos)

Top 7 Finalists-

  1. Caroline Venturini (Rio grande do sul)
  2. Francielly Ouriques (Encantos do sul)
  3. Isabele Pandini (São Paulo)
  4. Beatrice Fontoura (Goiás)
  5. Stephany Pim (Espírito Santo)
  6. Renata Sena (Mato Grosso do Sul)
  7. Samen Dos Santos(Pampa gaucho)

Meet The Contestants of Miss World 2016 Here!

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