An Exclusive Interview With Supriya Aiman- Miss International India 2015

In a Conversation with Miss International India 2015- Supriya Aiman

The reigning Miss International India, Supriya Aiman represented India at Miss International 2015. In a short span of time, Supriya represented India strikingly at Miss International 2015 and was later awarded with the Panasonic Beauty Ambassador for the year 2015 award along with Miss Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador by the Japan Tourism and International Cultural association at Miss International pageant.

A Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering student, Supriya maintained the balance between her education and modelling beautifully.  She has been modelling since 2012 and has walked the Runway for Lakme Fashion Week, Madame Style Week, Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, Chennai International Fashion Week, Volvo Coimbatore Fashion Week and for the Gitanjali Group. She has also been a part of Kingfisher Ultra Fashion Tour, International Gems and Jewellery Show, Runway Showcase, Femina (India) Showcase and Times Wedding Fashion Fiesta.


Supriya is a known face in the world of modelling and she has modelled for brands like L’Oréal, Pantaloons Fashion & Retail, Sunsilk, Biba Apparels, The Himalaya, Mahindra & Mahindra, Shoppers Stop, Reliance, Pro vogue and so on.

Lately, in an interview with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, Supriya Aiman revealed her story of the journey from a beauty pageant aspirant to a beauty queen. Lets have a look!

Hello Supriya, heartiest congratulations for being awarded as Panasonic Beauty Ambassador of the year 2015. You represented India so well at Miss International 2015 despite of being crowned only few days before the pageant. Eventually, you were also honored by being chosen as the Ambassador of “Visit Japan Tourism” by Japan Tourism. How does it feel to have achieved such immense glory in such short time?

First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone who supported and loved me throughout my pageant journey, which gave me immense strength to represent my country well at international platform. I feel so glad to be honoured as the Ambassador of “Visit Japan Tourism” by Japan Tourism and being awarded as Panasonic Beauty Ambassador of the year 2015.

How has your life changed post the crowning as Miss International India? What are the responsibilities your crown has brought with it?

Well, success comes with huge responsibility and same applies here because when you become representative of over billion of people, everyone expect perfection from you and you have to be very balanced in all forms. This beautiful crown has come to me with so many responsibilities in a way to handle my professional and social life.

You have already modelled for big brands like L’Oréal, Pantaloons Fashion & Retail, Sunsilk and have walked the celebrated runways like so many Fashion Weeks. Which life do you seem to enjoy more? Life of a beauty queen or of a model?

Whether you are a model or beauty queen you have to work hard to grow and achieve your next target.  I believe in enjoying every bit of life because once it’s gone, it will never come back. I enjoyed my model life too, where I worked hard and acquired knowledge about fashion world and in the same way I am enjoying this beautiful phase of my life being as a beauty queen.

In 2015, India was supposed to withdraw its participation from Miss International pageant, until you were announced as India’s representative for the pageant. How did you first react when you were approached for Miss International pageant all of the sudden? Was your answer immediate ‘yes’ or did you took some time to think over the wonderful venture?

To be very honest, my immediate reaction was “How would I prepare in such a short period of time for one of the  grand pageants of the world” and I said “No”. But then I sat and thought about it deeply that why can’t I do it, there is nothing called impossible in this world and it didn’t took a single minute to say “yes” to this wonderful journey to begin.

While competing at Miss International pageant, who came across as your closest pal? Any sweet moment you would like to share with your fans from the behind the scenes of the competition?

Well, as I arrived on the fourth day of the pageant, I went to the venue straight away from the airport, this was where I met all the contestants. After sometime, some of the lovely contestants came towards me and informed me about the things I have missed in those four days. They all were trying to make me feel comfortable and I must say this incident really touched my heart. Besides, they all were so helping , lovable and very co-operative to each other and taking single name would be injustice to all my other sisters .


Who was your constant source of inspiration throughout the journey?

My countrymen who supported me throughout the journey were my source of inspiration.

Who is your ideal beauty queen? How has she helped you to evolve as a person and as a beauty queen?

I cannot just take a single name as all the beauty queens have inspired me a lot as they had their own journey. When I look at them, I learned to have the quality of  compassion, patience, perfection and persistence and I must say it really helped me to evolve as a person and  beauty queen.

What does future holds in store for you? What are your future endeavours after crowning your successor as next Miss International India?

Bollywood is next on card, till the time this new venture takes a place, I will wait for good script to debut from.

What message would you like to give to your aspiring successor? What are the key factors according to you, which a beauty queen must have to succeed in pageants?

Determination, Discipline  and Hard work are the key factors to succeed and one must follow their heart. Go after your dreams whether it ends good or bad, it is an experience!!  Always remind yourself to breathe. You do not have to do everything at once. You are only one person, take your time. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take it day by day . Do not rush things. What is good for you will definitely come to you.

What message would you like to give to TKOP and your fans reading this interview?

TKOP has always supported all the pageant aspirants, national contestants and international representatives and the initiative taken by TKOP is always inspiring and appreciated.  Thank You TKOP and everyone for you continuous  love and support.


Thank you, for this lovely conversation, Supriya! 🙂 I am sure, your fans must be very excited to see you in Bollywood as well. All the best for your future endeavours.


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