An Exclusive Interview With Kushboo Ramnawaj- Miss Universe Mauritius 2016

In a Conversation with Kushboo Ramnawaj- Miss Universe Mauritius 2016

The heart that holds passion and dedication to achieve the goal, the beauty that enchants million hearts and the persona that make thousands of heads turn! She is Kushboo Ramnawaj.

The gorgeous beauty who is a scintillating sensation in Mauritius, is all set to represent her nation beautifully in the upcoming edition of Miss Universe 2016. Kushboo Ramnawaj, who was crowned as Miss Universe Mauritius a week ago is the hope of her nation for bringing home the first ever Miss Universe crown.


Kushboo was supposed to represent her country at Miss Universe 2015 but due to some personal issues, the beauty had to let go the opportunity. Like they say, for every fruit there is a season and behind every incident, there is a reason. Who knows the second opportunity might adorn Mauritius with its long awaited present! 🙂

Lately, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry got a chance to interact with the exuberant beauty queen, where she unfolded many of her passionate ideas regarding her endeavours for Miss Universe 2016 pageant. Let’s have a glance!

Hello, Kushboo! Heartiest congratulations on being crowned as Miss Universe Mauritius 2016. How does it feel to have won once again? How are you celebrating this moment of ecstasy?

Thank you so much. I am extremely happy to have been selected as the Mauritian representative for the forthcoming Miss Universe 2016 pageant. I feel more confident this time as I know what is required of me. I had a few days to celebrate with my family and friends; I am now working hard towards my goal in the hope of placing in the semifinals
at the Miss Universe pageant.

How did you react when you earned the crown and title, and ultimately the right to represent your country at world’s most coveted pageant? What was your first reaction?

Believe it or not I was at the doctor’s having a shot when I got a call from the National Director (Nevin Rupear) himself, telling me that he has acquired the Miss Universe franchise and that he shall be honoured if I could represent my country this year. Coincidently it was my 26th birthday! When I heard the news, I started crying; it was the best birthday gift and even through feeling unwell with a cold, I suddenly started to feel so energetic. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to compete at the Miss Universe pageant.

Tell us something about your veiled personality. When did you first realize to walk on the alleyway of pageantry?

It was a dream I always had. I just had to muster the courage to go for it. In my surrounding, pageants were considered to be either something far-fetched or something that will distract you from your studies. My parents encouraged me to complete my university degree (BEng Hons in Chemical and Renewable Energy Engineering) and I then ventured in the world of pageantry, which is what I always wanted to do.


When you initially embarked on the journey of pageantry, what were the challenges you faced? How did you managed to overcome all the intricacies?

From being a student of Chemical & Renewable Energy Engineering to a Beauty Queen was indeed a drastic change for me. There were times when I would question my being there at all. In the beginning I was not sure of myself. I was meeting girls who excelled in makeup and the universe of beauty. Nevertheless, instead of giving up I sat back analysed my lacking and one by one I worked on them to make me more confident and make this place my comfort zone.

Who is your source of inspiration and how has he/she helped you to evolve as a beauty queen?

There are many people who encouraged me throughout this journey. My aunt, my baby sister, my friends and most important of all, my boyfriend who is always be here to guide and help me. Now I have a team from the new Mauritian Organisation (Estrella Mauritius) providing me with the necessary tools to evolve as a beauty queen.

Miss Universe pageant is world’s most watched pageant, and is considered to be one of the most prestigious events across the globe. How are you preparing yourself for the very exalted pageant, Miss Universe?

Well, it is indeed a very demanding pageant in a very positive way. It seeks someone who is well versed with current issues, who is able to communicate effectively, who has a healthy and toned body and who is confident with herself. Hence, in order to target all these I am following a healthy diet program together with regular gym classes.

Every day, I go through the news to get an insight of the world current situation, both nationally and internationally. My training also includes elocution, deportment and finesse classes, hair and make-up courses, catwalk, question and answer sessions and finally how to be a role model, a Mauritian woman of the 21st century who is universally beautiful, inside out.


Many countries have already crowned their representatives for Miss Universe 2016, amongst those who are crowned, who do you think would be your toughest competitor?

I will not name one because that will mean that I am underestimating the rest. All of them are my competitors.

Mauritius is yet to win its first Miss Universe crown. How confident do you feel that you will be able to change the fate of the sash you would be wearing?

I am definitely confident that I can make a change. I am working hard for it and there is the expectation of my fellow countrymen. I cannot go to Miss Universe with the thought that I can’t win, it would definitely beat the purpose. I have the intention to do my best to win the crown and that is why I will be there.

What is the most important feature according to you, which every beauty queen must possess?

A good heart. This is what will make people fall in love with her and if she is kind, then only good things will happen to her.

What message would you like to give to your fans reading this interview?

I would like to tell them to always believe in the power of goodness. This will bring even more positivity to them. If they desire to achieve something which is important to them, hard work and good intentions will always be the way forward. I would like to thank them for all their support and love.


Thank you so much for this lovely conversation, Kushboo. The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry wishes you all the very best as you embark on the “Confidently Beautiful” journey of Miss Universe 2016. 🙂

Special thanks to the Miss Estrella Mauritius Organization for facilitating this interview! 🙂


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