Hope Stephens- Miss Tennessee USA 2016 Wins TKOP People’s Choice Poll

Hope Stephens- Miss Tennessee USA 2016 Wins TKOP People’s Choice Poll

Miss USA 2016 is on the verge of concluding. The stage is set, the audience has bought the tickets for the scintillating show and the judges and hosts are geared up for the coronation night that is slated to be held tomorrow on June 5, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

But before we set off to the finale, meet the People’s Choice Winner of Miss USA 2016 in a poll conducted by The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry. Hope Stephens, who is representing the state of Tennessee at Miss USA 2016 wins TKOP People’s Choice Poll for Miss USA 2016 with 212,757 votes and thereby scoring 41.62%.

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The People’s Choice Poll of TKOP received Total Votes of 511,147 and it was a very close fight between Miss Tennessee USA, Hope Stephens and Miss Louisiana USA, Maaliyah Papillion.

20 years old, Hope Stephens is a sophomore at Tennessee Tech University where she majors in Fashion Design. She enjoys volunteering for her personal platform: Drug Abuse Awareness. Hope was confronted with this issue as a young child due to her father’s addiction to drugs. She had to deal with the hardships that drug addiction can cause to a family. To ensure that no child ever has to witness a loved one battle addiction, she created a program called Healing Hearts: Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention where she plans to speak across the state sharing her story and urging all to stay drug free.

TKOP wishes Hope Stephens all the very best as she competes at Miss USA 2016 grand finale tomorrow evening.

Now lets meet the runner up of TKOP People’s Choice Poll of Miss USA 2016, Miss Louisiana USA, Maaliyah Papillion, who won  39.8% votes by bagging 203,418 votes in her kitty.

Maaliyah says her goal in life is to help others personally through participating in a variety of charity endeavours. She aspires to be a Psychologist.

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Maaliyah Papillion is a board member of the Southwest Louisiana International Club, an organization which specializes in helping new citizens who have migrated to the area get acclimated with their new surroundings. She is also passionate about the issue of safe and responsible driving. During her reign as Miss Louisiana USA, she has partnered with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), as well as other charities to promote causes that are important to her and her state. Wishing Maaliyah Papillion all the very best for tomorrow’s grand finale event.

Now let’s have a look at complete scores. The entire poll can be followed here.


  1. Hope Stephens- Tennessee 41.62%  (212,757 votes)
  2. Maaliyah Papillion- Louisiana 39.8%  (203,418 votes)
  3. Leah Lawson – South Carolina 3.1%  (15,856 votes)
  4. Chelsea Hardin- Hawaii 2.54%  (12,992 votes)
  5. Morgan Abel- Indiana 1.25%  (6,389 votes)
  6. Natriana Shorter- Oregon 1.21%  (6,194 votes)
  7. Peyton Brown- Alabama 1.06%  (5,423 votes)
  8. Devin Gant- North Carolina 0.83%  (4,264 votes)
  9. Haley Sowers- Mississippi 0.82%  (4,214 votes)
  10. Megan Wise- Ohio 0.65%  (3,346 votes)
  11. Kyle Hornback- Kentucky 0.52%  (2,657 votes)
  12. Christina Denny- Maryland 0.49%  (2,528 votes)
  13. Caley-Rae Pavillard- Colorado 0.43%  (2,210 votes)
  14. Autumn Olson- Wyoming 0.39%  (2,014 votes)
  15. Elena Laquatra- Pennsylvania 0.39%  (1,990 votes)

Now people have given their verdict through this poll. You can have a look at my final verdict here.  Thank you for all the votes and love you have showed to your favourite representatives. However, this is not the end to the roller coaster of adventure. The voting lines for Miss Teen USA 2016 have been opened. If you missed to make your favourite state win this poll, not to worry, you can cast your vote for Miss Teen USA 2016 People’s Choice Poll right here! 🙂 Tada! Have a good day and fasten up your seat belts for tomorrow’s adventurous grand finale of world’s most awaited national pageant, Miss USA 2016!

Voting Poll for People’s Choice Poll of Miss Teen USA 2016 Opened! VOTE HERE!


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