Miss USA 2016 Final Leaderboard: The Concluding Verdict!

Miss USA 2016: Final Predictions and Ultimate Thoughts 

Miss USA 2016 is all set to conclude after four days. After the preliminary competition, the excitement all across the globe seems to be heating up, so as to find out who will fill the shoes of reigning Miss USA, Olivia Jordan.

Being Miss USA is a big deal. The nation which holds the record of producing maximum number of Miss Universe winners and placements at the said pageant is considered a force to reckon with, and hence United States cannot take any risk while crowning their representatives, especially if it is Miss Universe.

So let’s find out who takes the lead in my opinion after the Preliminary Competition of Miss USA 2016. Let’s begin in the reverse order.

15. New Mexico- Naomie Germaine

Naomie Germain, Miss New Mexico.jpg


Naomie Germaine is a living Barbie. Composed and balanced at stage, she is someone who definitely grabs your attention without trying too hard.

14. North Carolina- Devin Gant

Devin Gant, Miss North Carolina USA.jpg

Who will believe she replaced Allie Dunn at last moment? Such an infectiously gorgeous smile and a wonderful personality, Devin Gant has filled the shoes of Allie Dunn in a remarkably beautiful way. Sure sort placement for North Carolina this year!

13. New York- Serena Bucaj

Serena Bucaj, Miss New York USA.jpg

Serena Bucaj is an appealing personality to be at Miss USA 2016. With a decently presentable stage presence, she steals the limelight with all magnetism.

12. Idaho- Sydney Halper

Sydney Halper, Miss Idaho USA.jpg

Sydney Halper was an attention stealer right before the arrivals. After seeing her introduction video, she allured me with her bubbly and spontaneous personality. Her swimsuit walk is appreciable and she certainly deserves to earn the placement on the coronation night.

11. Ohio- Megan Wise

Megan Wise, Miss Ohio USA 2016.jpg

Megan Wise has an impressive walk and lovely persona to make her spot secure in the semi-finals of Miss USA 2016. She walks with confidence and has flair in making her presence felt on stage.

10. Miss 52 USA- Alexandra Miller

Alexandra Miller, Miss 52 USA.jpg

It seems that the first ever Miss 52 USA, Alexandra Miller is making best use of the opportunity endowed to her. She is not going to settle less than a Top 10 spot this Miss USA 2016. She is confident and comes across as a refined personality on stage.

9. Hawaii- Chelsea Hardin

Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii USA.jpg

Chelsea Hardin has an enchanting personality, and she surely bags the limelight when she walks on the runway. The panache she embodies while performing on the stage, be it swimsuit or evening gown, stamps it clearly that yes, she will be the force to reckon with!

8. South Dakota- Madison McKeown

Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota USA.jpg

Madison McKeown has a celestial beauty that does not need to scream out loud to demand attention. She answers her fame with her performance, and can definitely not be ignored. A flamboyant woman with glitz of elegance!

7. Georgia- Emanii Davis

Emanii Davis, Miss Georgia USA.jpg

Emanii Davis has a pleasantly commendable aura. She has a polished walk and is someone who comes in the spotlight in an effortless way. She is one to beat.

6. Arizona- Chelsea Myers

Chelsea Myers, Miss Arizona USA.jpg

What a beautiful lady! Chelsea Myers is not the talk of the town at the moment but she definitely would be after June 5, 2016. Slaying the stage with her poise and composure, she is subtly yet gravely making her place secure as one of the finalists in the coming edition of Miss USA.

5. Texas- Daniella Rodriguez

Daniella Rodriguez, Miss Texas USA 2016.jpg

Daniella Rodriguez shows yet again, that Texas is not going to stop the run for crown! A balanced and decent walk makes her one to beat in the race of crown, and especially with a sash that weighs a lot in Miss USA pageant, Texas cannot be ignored.

4. Nevada- Emelina Adams

Emelina Adams, Miss Nevada USA.jpg

Emelina Adams, the home turf girl has earned the support of the audience, and this shines out in her confident eyes when she is giving the performance. Fierce and bold, she is one to watch for!

3. Michigan- Susie Leica

Susie Leica, Miss Michigan USA.jpg

Susie Leica is a marvelous personality to gaze at, in Miss USA 2016 pageant. The wonderful smile that screams out “Queen” is her biggest asset. Regally beautiful, she is spunky and at the same time incredibly majestic in her poise. If she walks home with the main title, I would not be surprised at all.

2. California- Nadia Mejia

Nadia Mejia, Miss California USA

Nadia Mejia already looks like a queen! She is so regal in her performance, and so celestial in her beauty that one can never fail to get awe-struck by her charisma. She is someone who is fiercely regal, and that is what makes her one of the possible crown clincher of Miss USA. Her short hair adds peppiness to her royal personality, and she carries herself really well. One to beat!

1. Virginia- Desiree Williams

Desiree Williams, Miss Virginia USA.jpg

Desi Willimas lived up to the expectations of her fans and supporters in the Preliminary Competition. With that flawless walk, she is killer at stage. Desiree was leading the pre-arrival leaderboard of TKOP, and there were thoughts that the position might fluctuate, but after seeing her performance in the prelims, she stays intact to the number one position! She has got the style and perfect panache to flaunt her oozing confidence and vivaciousness. She has got a royal smile, but at the same time she does have fierce eyes to entrap your attention. It has been 46 years since Virginia won and this seems to be the right moment.

Close Shots!






Special Mention to the People’s Choice Poll Winner of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry

photovisi-download (64)


Hope Stephens, who is representing the state of Tennessee at Miss USA 2016 won TKOP People’s Choice Poll for Miss USA 2016 with 212,757 votes and thereby scoring 41.62%. The entire poll can be followed here at this link.

Vagisha Mishra

Picture Credits: Missosology

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