Miss USA 2016 Official Photoshoot Is A Revolutionary Precursor to Transition in Pageants: A Critical Review

A Review of Miss USA 2016 Official Headshots

Miss USA 2016 Official Headshots are making the news for reasons more than one! Fadil Berisha is no more the official photographer of Miss USA, and this is Jonathan Carter’s first official photoshoot for Miss USA pageant. But this is not the sole reason that makes the shoot talk of the town. So let’s find out what is it that makes this shoot a special one!

Matt Petit’s glimpses of the water photoshoot had already made gigantic waves for introducing a new kind of technique in the world of pageantry, and now when Jonathan Carter’s official photoshoot of Miss USA 2016 contestants are put forth, it truly asserts that the traditionally clingy-blingy shoots have bid adieu to the contemporary pageantry.

Nadia Mejia.jpg

If we closely observe, this year the contestants have been shot in their casual denim and shirts. This is something highly contrary to the last year photoshoots, which seemed too fierce, extremely decorative and filled with unrecognizably make-up caked faces.

Miss USA 2016 Official Headshots is certainly a precursor to the changes that the coming edition of Miss Universe would be seeing with the coming of WME/IMG in charge. It seems that the focus is now shifting towards the natural facet of beauty, by undermining the caked up definition of prettiness. The trend is now going to change, and the transition seems to be welcomed by the receptors worldwide.

Olivia Jordan Miss USA

If we go back to the pageants in 1990’s, the focus was to find a modern woman who screams out grace in a poised way. A woman with a substantial personality was revered. Then came the era of utterly fierce and ferocious ladies in 2000’s, who could slay the stage like a pro! After 15 years, it seems that Miss Universe is yet again undergoing a transitional period, opening up paths of new kind of beauty queens, like I discussed in one of my earlier articles, stating that being a beauty queen in the present age is not easy! You ought to be a complete package, if you truly aspire to wear a crown on your head.

Nonetheless, coming back to Miss USA 2016, the Official Headshots give a laid-back yet charmingly poised aura of beauty queens, reflecting the natural beauty shines out even in minimalistic cosmetics, perfectly justifying the saying that “Less is more!”

Initially, I wanted to pick up Top 10 headshots, but the pictures were so fascinatingly entrapping, that I could not stop myself from picking up 12 beautiful photos from the shoot. So who are the ones, who stood out effectively in the Official Headshot in my opinion! Let’s find out.

California- Nadia Mejia

Nadia Mejia-California

Miss California USA 2016, Nadia Mejia slays this Jonathan Carter’s frame! Effortless yet fierce, she seems someone who has a lot more to talk about herself. She asserts that she is a beauty, who is much more than just a pretty picture.

Iowa- Alissa Morrison

Alissa Morrison, Miss Iowa USA 2016

The mood of the photoshoot is incredibly casual, and Miss Iowa USA 2016, just seems to understand the mood in the entirety. She looks sexy and laid-back at the same time without trying too hard.

Colorado- Caley Rae Pavillard

Caley-Rae Pavillard, Miss Colorado USA 2016

The unperturbed expressions of Miss Colorado USA 2016 wins hearts! Caley looks subtly beautiful in this picture, with sombre yet determined aura.

Hawaii- Chelsea Hardin

Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii USA 2016

The natural smile of the beaming face which Miss Hawaii USA 2016 possess is worth an attention. A captivating smile is the best make-up a woman can wear, and Chelsea Hardin proves simply that!

Georgia- Emanii Davis

Emanii Davis, Miss Georgia USA 2016

Look at that simple yet enchanting aura! Emanii Davis looks gorgeous even in a simple pair of denim and tee. This shoot of hers highlight her regal beauty in as natural way as possible, and hence she steals the limelight.

Nevada- Emelina Adams

Emelina Adams, Miss Nevada USA 2016,

The home turf girl is slaying all the eye-balls in this picture. This photo of Miss Nevada USA 2016, give vibes of a model who has noticed the camera all of a sudden but has managed to maintain her poise in a magnificent way. Truly commendable!

Washington- Kelsey Schmidt

Kelsey Schmidt, Miss Washington USA 2016

Miss Washington USA 2016 looks like a brooding angel, who seemed to have touched the earth in a modern avatar. Relaxed, yet focussed on her ambition to win the crown, is the impression which this picture seems to be giving.

Kentucky- Kyle Hornback

Kyle Hornback, Miss Kentucky USA 2016

What will be the first word to come in your mind after seeing this exquisite picture of Miss Kentucky USA 2016? Grace! Look at that flawless face. The wonderful beauty seems so celestial, that she can skip your heart a beat without trying much harder!

South Dakota- Madison McKeown

Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota USA 2016,

Sexy woman in a chic attire! Miss South Dakota USA 2016 looks breathtaking through her inquisitive glance to the camera lenses. Oozing oomph and vigour, she has surely blazed the environment for all the good reasons.

Michigan- Susie Leica

Susie Leica, Miss Michigan USA 2016

Miss Michigan USA 2016 has an enticing smile to turn million heads. She seems bubbly, jovial and a woman full of life to talk about a lot of things rather than being just a model in the frame. She screams splendour in every inches!

Rhode Island- Theresa Agonia

Theresa Agonia, Miss Rhode Island USA 2016

The playful gestures and expressions of Miss Rhode Island USA 2016 seem to give a hint that do not be surprised if Rhode Islands perform well for yet another consecutive year. The picture is impressive in its spontaneity.

Tennessee- Hope Stephens

Hope Stephens, Miss Tennessee USA 2016

Hope Stephens, Miss Tennessee USA 2016 with an effortless yet wonderful gaze is lighting up the hopes of Tennessee. She is truly ethereal in this Carter shot!

So which is your favourite headshot from Miss USA 2016? Do not forget to share your opinions and keep casting your votes at the People’s Choice Poll of TKOP to make your favourite contestant win the poll here. Voting ends on June 4, 2016 at 12:00 AM.

Vagisha Mishra

Picture Credits: Missosology

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